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Police confirm death of Inspector as soldiers attack Adamawa police headquarters


Police confirm death of Inspector as soldiers attack Adamawa police headquarters

Police Inspector Jacob Daniel lost his life during a clash between soldiers and policemen at the Adamawa Police Command headquarters in Yola.

The confrontation, stemming from a rift between police operatives and military counterparts, began late on Tuesday and escalated into an attack on the police headquarters at Jimeta’s Target Junction.

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Residents awoke to the unsettling news of the clash, with reports of soldiers being denied entry to the Police Clinic, prompting them to vent their anger at the police headquarters. Witnesses near the headquarters described nearly 30 minutes of intense gunfire, disrupting the peace of the night.

Confirmation of the incident was initially elusive, as both the police and military remained unresponsive to inquiries. However, on Wednesday morning, the Adamawa Police Command officially acknowledged the conflict.

Police spokesperson SP Suleiman Nguroje confirmed the clash and the tragic death of Inspector Jacob Daniel. Commissioner of Police Afolabi Babatola ordered an immediate investigation into the matter to ensure justice.

In a contrasting account, Brigadier General Gambo Mohammed, Commander of the 23 Armoured Brigade, stated that soldiers intervened to rescue one of their officers allegedly taken by police operatives. He claimed that the police shot at soldiers at a checkpoint, resulting in injuries, and the soldiers responded to protect their comrade.

As investigations unfold, the Police Command emphasized a zero-tolerance policy for attacks on security officers in the line of duty, vowing to address such conflicts in accordance with the law.

The military, represented by Brigadier General Mohammed, asserted their actions were in response to perceived threats from the police.

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