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Prominent Islamic scholar, Sheikh Yusuf Ali, dies at 73


Prominent Islamic scholar, Sheikh Yusuf Ali, dies at 73

Sheikh Yusuf Ali, a distinguished Islamic scholar known as Sarkin Malaman Gaya, has passed away at the age of 73. The news of his demise was shared by his son, Muslihu Yusuf Ali, through a heartfelt Facebook post on Sunday night.

Born in 1950 in Gaya town, Kano State, Sheikh Yusuf Ali embarked on his legal career in 1974 as a Sharia Court Scribe. Over the years, he climbed the ranks, serving as Chief Clerk, Assistant Registrar, Registrar, Upper Sharia Court Judge, and eventually as Director at the Upper Sharia Court.

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In 2009, after his retirement, he continued his dedicated pursuit of Islamic teachings and offered spiritual guidance and healing to those in need.

The funeral, known as Jana’iza, will be held at his residence in Tudun Maliki quarters at 1:30 pm today.

Sheikh Yusuf Ali’s contributions to the Islamic community and his lifetime of service will be remembered with deep respect and reverence.

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