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Yobe youth creates transportation app, Kapodrive, for safe, affordable rides


Yobe youth creates transportation app, Kapodrive, for safe, affordable rides

A 26-year-old youth from Yobe State, Mukhtar Auwal, has created a ride-hailing app, Kapodrive, that would provide safe and reliable transport service to both drivers and riders in the country.

Muhktar, a graduate of Business Management and Accountancy from Elrazi University Sudan, said Kapodrive, when launched in December 2023, will be the best and most affordable app to book a ride with security and comfort assured for passengers.

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Speaking in an exclusive interview with Neptune Prime, the budding entrepreneur explained why Kapodrive may be the next big thing in Nigeria’s transport sector.

N.P: Can we meet you?

Muhktar: My name is Mukhtar Auwal, I am a Nigerian from Yobe State. I am 26 years old, based in Abuja and the inventor of Kapodrive.

N.P: What is Kapodrive?

Muhktar: Kapodrive is a technological application that will address the high cost of transportation in  Nigeria, especially in the northern region of the country. Most importantly, Kapodrive is an indigenous ride that will compete with the likes of Bolt, Uber and others.

N.P: What is the motivation behind Kapodrive?

Muhktar: I have so many motivations for pursuing this project since I conceived the idea in 2017, first is the high cost of transportation in the country. I figured that whoever brings an affordable and reliable driving app would contribute to the development of other aspects of the country. As a passionate Northern youth in Nigeria, this project will definitely advance the transportation sector, as well as create employment for my fellow youths.

Secondly, Kapodrive is indigenous, we are still living locally in Northern Nigeria, this project is my own way of bringing technology and making transportation a thing of ease to my people.

N.P: Where will Kapodrive operate?

Muhktar: Kapodrive will operate in Abuja and Kano State after its launch in December, but we hope to expand and be available in all states soon. We have 100 vehicles for now. 50 in Abuja and 50 in Kano. We are hoping to get 2 million users in the first 3 months of operating. We know it is very important to have a platform that can promise safety to both passengers and drivers and also address transportation prices. We are starting from 5-10%, whenever there are fluctuations in the prices of things in the economy, we shall moderately adjust our prices because we are for Nigerians.

N.P: What other projects do you have coming in the near future?

Muhktar: We are also looking to create a bus terminal in the 19 Northern states of the country, we are talking about modern luxurious buses that shall guarantee security, comfort and ease of transportation for everyone. I will also develop an all-in-one application for interstate transportation whereby each state among the 19 Northern states will be equipped with private buses and each state will have it on its bus terminal.

N.P: Any challenge faced during the developing stage

Muhktar: It wasn’t easy but this has been my dream since 2017, a dream I never gave up on, I pursued it rigorously and I am so happy to implement it and share this great thing with the world.

N.P: When will the app be available?

Muhktar: We are launching it in Abuja on the 15th of December 2023 and in Kano on the 17th of December 2023. From that day riders can get the app from PlayStore and the AppleStore for IOS users.

N.P: Is this your first project

Muhktar: No, I have been an entrepreneur with a passion for Tech for a long time now, before I developed the Kapodrive, I had a company called Majesty, where I was the MD, at Majesty, we were into so many things like real estate and others.

N.P: How is your sponsorship?

Muhktar: I don’t have any sponsor, I single-handedly worked on this project. But if there are people who are willing to sponsor, I gladly welcome them to the next big thing in Nigeria.

N.P: How do you feel about this big dream of yours?

Muhktar: I have been waiting for this moment and I feel very excited and overwhelmed. Most importantly, I thank Almighty Allah for giving me the zeal to work on this and to witness the event happening in reality. I want Nigerians to come out and be a part of this big dream.

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