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Baffling condition leaves five siblings with alien-like appearances


Baffling condition leaves five siblings with alien-like appearances

In a remarkable and highly distressing turn of events, a family has been experiencing a perplexing condition that has resulted in swollen and disfigured faces, leading many to label them as “aliens.”

Out of the twelve siblings in the family, five of them have been afflicted with wide-set eyes, overgrown cheekbones, nose bumps, and dental health issues, prompting comparisons to beings from another world. The remaining seven siblings have been fortunately spared from these physical distortions.

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The mysterious and longstanding condition has left medical professionals utterly bewildered as to the root cause of the peculiar symptoms affecting Isaias, Graciosa, Preciosa, Antonio, and Miguelina Bautista.

Baffling condition leaves five siblings with alien-like appearances

Tragically, the siblings have been grappling with these physical differences since childhood, subjecting them to ridicule and hurtful taunts.

Isaias bravely shared the heart-wrenching ordeal, recalling how they were labeled as extraterrestrials and faced considerable mockery before finding solace in the words of compassionate individuals who affirmed their humanity.

Baffling condition leaves five siblings with alien-like appearances

In addition to their facial deformities, the siblings have also been experiencing headaches, breathing difficulties, dizziness, and body aches.

Hailing from a modest family in the small community of Jinova de San Juan, Dominican Republic, they have been confronted with tremendous challenges in securing employment as their appearances have led to discrimination from potential employers.

Baffling condition leaves five siblings with alien-like appearances

Seeking a diagnosis for their condition has proved to be an arduous undertaking, with medical professionals suspecting leontiasis but falling short of providing a definitive answer.

Leontiasis, also known as lion face syndrome, is characterized by an abnormal growth of the cranial and facial bones, resulting in a distinctive appearance often likened to that of a lion.

Notably, neurologist Dr. Franly Vazquez has shed light on the rarity of the disease, with fewer than 40 reported cases worldwide.

He explained that the affected individuals experience a build-up of calcium in the bones forming the face and skull, leading to the unchecked growth of their facial bones and subsequent compression of nerves, which can result in numerous challenges, including blindness, hearing impairments, and intellectual disabilities.

Dr. Vazquez emphasized the immense struggle faced by the Bautista siblings, remarking on the absence of a definitive cure and the focus on managing symptoms. Currently, the only available course of treatment involves the surgical intervention of removing the overgrown bones.

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