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Education Minister Mamman to chair book launch of Journalist Halima Abdulrauf in Abuja


Education Minister Mamman to chair book launch of Journalist Halima Abdulrauf in Abuja

Mainstream journalist, Halima Abdulrauf, is set to launch her book titled, “IgnitingResilience: An Ultimate Guide to Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone” in Abuja on 7th December 2023 by 12 pm at A’class Maitama under the distinguished chairmanship of the Minister of Education, Professor Tahir Mamman.

Ms Abdulrauf is a seasoned journalist with Voice of America Hausa and Liberty TV/Radio Abuja.

The book, IgnitingResilience: An Ultimate Guide to Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone guides readers through the intricacies of resilience, and the art of thriving amid change and empowers them to harness their inner strength and propel themselves into uncharted territory.

The goal of the book is to show readers how to go past their comfort zones and embrace discomfort as a driving force for personal development. Utilising practical techniques, personal experiences, and psychological insights.

IgnitingResilience: An Ultimate Guide to Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone is designed to provide readers with a distinct direction, pushing them beyond their comfort zones to achieve better things for themselves despite their fear or anxiety of the unknown, letting go of anxiety or fear, becoming more confident and successful.

Halima Abdulrauf

The self-care book’s lessons encourage people from all walks of life, especially young people, to go far beyond their comfort zones to grow both mentally and professionally to reach their goals in life.

Speaking about the book’s motivation, Ms Abdulrauf revealed that as a child, she thought her options were restricted to attending school and getting married. However, she discovered that she was capable of more after stepping outside of her comfort zone to take an internship role in Abuja, in 2012.

The book is the definitive manual for stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and can be extremely beneficial to students, entrepreneurs, and professionals in general as it inspires readers to welcome change and adopt innovations and technologies in a world that is constantly changing. It also provides advice on how to face obstacles head-on and develop the resilience and resiliency necessary to overcome them, as well as how to seek out help and solve problems.

The book launch is expected to be graced by notable personalities, officials from government ministries like the Ministry of Education, Police Affairs, Ministries of Humanitarian Affairs SMEDAN, TETFund, NUC, media partners and practising journalists.


Halima Abdulrauf has worked for many years as a mainstream and multimedia journalist. She attended the Federal University of Technology Minna to obtain her undergraduate degree before continuing to the University of Leicester in England. She is an entrepreneur who founded the media consultancy firms; Hallis Media World, Thinkpad Studios and Hanana Nigeria which provide media relations services, bespoke fashion, and interior decor.

Her philanthropic work has focused on helping girls and people with disabilities as a result of her desire to improve human welfare. She has organised fundraisers to provide pads for girls in the North-West and to support underprivileged groups with the costs of surgeries and sickle cell patient treatment.

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