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FUDECO: Nurturing hope and education for pastoralists in Nigeria


FUDECO: Nurturing hope and education for pastoralists in Nigeria

In the vast landscapes of Nigeria, where pastoralist communities face challenges rooted in education and livelihood, the Fulɓe Development and Cultural Organization (FUDECO) emerges as a beacon of positive change. As a non-governmental organization with a humanitarian focus, FUDECO is committed to empowering pastoralists through education, conflict resolution, and sustainable development.

Educating Minds, Building Futures

FUDECO distinguishes itself from other associations by its multifaceted approach. FUDECO goes beyond the ordinary, striving to educate and restore the lost sources of livelihood for these communities. Comprising intellectuals dedicated to eradicating banditry among the aggrieved Fulbes, FUDECO operates schools in rugas, blending Islamic and Western education to shape a brighter future.

FUDECO: Nurturing Hope and Education for Pastoralists in Nigeria
This girl is an IDP whose parents were chased out of Enugu. She is the most intelligent in her school and  FUDECO had offered to pay her fees till she completes school, as her parent’s cattle were seized by some terrorists.


The organization’s recent success story involves raising donations to support 54 internally displaced Fulbe children in Serti, with plans to extend support to 1,000 kids in six schools in rugas in Gashaka. This initiative is not merely a statistical achievement; it represents a practical solution to the pervasive issue of banditry, proving that positive progress can counterbalance negative narratives.

FUDECO: Nurturing Hope and Education for Pastoralists in Nigeria
FUDECO helping over 1000 displaced persons across Nigeria


From Primary to Secondary: A Journey of Transformation

One of FUDECO’s triumphs is the Alhaji Yau Nomadic School in Gashaka, Taraba State, where brilliant pupils have completed primary education and are transitioning to secondary school.

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This achievement is part of the broader effort to create seven schools in rugas, illustrating FUDECO’s commitment to bridging educational gaps and empowering the next generation.

FUDECO: Nurturing Hope and Education for Pastoralists in Nigeria

Pupils from Ruga schools created by FUDECO

Aims and Objectives: Focused and Impactful

FUDECO’s aims and objectives paint a comprehensive picture of its mission:

1. Empowering pastoralists and managing communal conflicts.
2. Promoting pastoralists’ rights to equal citizenship and participation in decision-making.
3. Ensuring access to facilities such as water, health, and veterinary services.
4. Supporting victims of conflicts, including internally displaced persons.
5. Promoting education and literacy among pastoralist communities.
6. Advocating for peace through collaboration with other organizations.
7. Conducting participatory action research to address identified issues.

FUDECO’s vision and mission encapsulate its overarching goal of improving pastoralists’ living standards and providing access to opportunities. With the motto “Securing Our Future,” FUDECO operates on core values of peace through dialogue, liberty for all communities, credibility, competence, transparency, accountability, and participation.

In conclusion, FUDECO stands as the transformative power of education and humanitarian efforts in addressing the complex challenges faced by pastoralist communities in Nigeria. By blending tradition with modernity, the organization paves the way for a more prosperous and harmonious future for the Fulbe people.

Information from Associate Professor Aisha Mahmoud Hamman.

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