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Kenyan Nanny Rosie’s Heartfelt Journey: From Lebanon to Kenya, Love Knows No Borders


Kenyan Nanny Rosie’s Heartfelt Journey: From Lebanon to Kenya, Love Knows No Borders

Amid viral sensations, Roseline ‘Rosie’ Atieno, a Kenyan nanny from Siaya County, has become an online phenomenon after sharing an emotional farewell to the Lebanese family she cared for.

Departing from Kenya in 2021 to seek a brighter future for her three children amid a broken marriage, Rosie’s story unfolds as a testament to resilience and the universal language of love.

In a TikTok video capturing the poignant farewell, Rosie’s genuine connection with the four children she cared for in Lebanon is palpable. The parents visibly moved and expressed gratitude for Rosie’s profound impact on their family. Little did Rosie anticipate the overwhelming response, describing it as both happy and intimidating.

Reflecting on her initial apprehension before leaving for Lebanon, Rosie shares, “I went in October 2021 when my marriage wasn’t working. I prayed for a good family and greener pastures for my kids.”

Her prayer was seemingly answered Rosie recounts the heartwarming blend with her Lebanese employers from the first day.  Despite the challenges of being away from her children, Rosie found solace and purpose in caring for the kids in Lebanon. Emotionally describing the bond, she says, “Those kids made me not miss my kids so much. They filled that emptiness I was feeling when I was there and away from my kids. I just love them so much.”

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Returning to Kenya for the Christmas holiday, Rosie opens up about her experience in Lebanon, where she felt a sense of home despite the geographical distance. “I felt like I was home. The only difference is that they were paying me. The kids appreciate me for who I am.”

As the viral spotlight continues to shine on Rosie, she expresses hope for a reunion between her Lebanese employers and her children, urging them to visit Kenya. Despite tearful goodbyes, Rosie remains optimistic about the future, stating, “I will go back, but I have not set the date when. I will work with them to be with the kids until they are a bit bigger.”

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But in an unexpected turn of events, Maria Cataleya, the Lebanese employer of Kenyan nanny Roseline ‘Rosie’ Atieno, has released a revealing video addressing Rosie’s newfound viral fame. Contrary to expectations, Maria expressed a sentiment both heartwarming and surprising – she hopes Rosie doesn’t return to Lebanon!

In a TikTok video garnering a staggering 2.4 million views and over 106.1k likes within 24 hours, Maria Cataleya disclosed her humanitarian perspective. “Of course, I hope she will come back. But I don’t think so. It is like I don’t want her to come back. I want her to enjoy her time with her kids and maybe stay with them,” Maria shared, showcasing a rare depth of empathy.

The mother of four elaborated, “If I were her, I would stay in Kenya with my kids. I would never come back to Lebanon, but it is up to her.” Maria’s candid honesty adds a unique layer to Rosie’s story, challenging the conventional employer-employee narrative.

Maria Cataleya went on to predict that the viral video might open doors to brighter opportunities for Rosie beyond Lebanon. “I am pretty sure after this viral video, she will be able to get other better opportunities than to come back to Lebanon,” Maria opined, hinting at the potential positive impact of their shared story.

This unexpected twist adds complexity to Rosie’s journey, raising questions about the path she will choose amid newfound fame and her employer’s heartfelt wishes. The evolving narrative continues to captivate audiences globally, underscoring the unpredictable nature of life’s twists and turns.

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