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Max Air passengers stranded in Maiduguri due to technical fault


Max Air passengers stranded in Maiduguri due to technical fault


Passengers on a Max Air aircraft bound for Abuja from Maiduguri were left stranded on Saturday due to a technical fault.

This is not the first time this particular aircraft had encountered issues, as it also developed a fault during a flight from Maiduguri to Abuja on Friday.

The aircraft was able to make the journey on Friday, but has now been grounded at Maiduguri Airport due to another technical fault.

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One passenger described the situation as “an accident of monumental national catastrophe waiting to happen” and called for Max Air to be prevented from flying in Nigerian airspace.

The passenger also shared their experience of being stranded for six hours on Friday when a Max Air flight from Abuja to Lagos was delayed.

Currently, the stranded passengers are waiting at Maiduguri Airport alongside the grounded aircraft.

The incident highlights concerns over the safety and reliability of Max Air’s operations, and raises questions about the oversight of Nigeria’s aviation industry.

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