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Sensitisation on fast-track 2.0 to improve trade in Kano, Jigawa on course – Comptroller Chana


Sensitisation on fast-track 2.0 to improve trade in Kano, Jigawa on course – Comptroller Chana

Dauda Ibrahim Chana, Customs Area Controller of Kano/Jigawa Command that recently posted a N6.9b total revenue collection as at November 2023 has reassured of greater feats in 2024.

According to JournalonlineNG, in an interview with Ismail Aniemu, Comptroller Chana talks about his robust stakeholders engagement, use of ICT and inter agency collaboration as strategies for improved productivity.

Give us an overview of Kano/Jigawa Command under your watch in the area of revenue as at November ending, trade facilitation and anti-smuggling?

In comparison to last year’s efforts, the Command has performed well in terms of revenue generation, trade facilitation, and anti-smuggling operations, Especially when compared to the previous year’s record of N2.4 billion Naira in October 2022: the current year’s record is N5.6 billion which represents 126.9% surplus increase.

That was topped in November 2023, when the command attained the astonishing milestone of N6.9 billion Naira ,the highest revenue collected thus far.

What has been the level of cooperation from the business community like manufacturers and importers?


Handing over seized cannabis saliva to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Kano.


The level of cooperation has been superb. They frequent my office as promised and I continue to implement an open door policy to ensure maximum support for their business endeavors. If you recall, I have had course to visit a host of industry players like Pop cola factory, MC Plastics and Ammasco to mention a few.

I appreciated them and also took the opportunity to sensitise them of service features such as the fast track 2.0 option, designed to optimise and streamline their trading activities.

You recently interfaced with some traditional and political leaders, what is the immediate take home benefits from the meetings?

During Pop cola factory visit.


The immediate take home benefits are the assurances of improved border security, robust collaboration and cooperation to ensure economic prosperity to the states of Kano and Jigawa, and the nation at large.

In terms of modernisation, to what extent has ICT been deployed in your operations and how has it benefited the service?

Comptroller Chana watching a pupil read during his visit to Customs Staff School in Kano.


In many ways, the use of ICT has aided in the efficient communication between the service and its multiple stakeholders.
There is the single trade hub where a variety of agencies interact in real time; even auctions are held online.

What is the degree of inter-agency collaboration between your command and sister government agencies?

The inter-agency relation has been very cordial which has fostered collaboration that enhanced operational efficiency.

What are your turnaround projection for the command in 2024 and beyond?

Comptroller Chana during his visit to Ammasco Oil factory.


By the year 2024 and beyond, the Command will remain steadfast in its commitment to continuous improvement, transparency, and collaboration with all stakeholders, as it looks forward to building on this success and further contributing to the economic prosperity of the region and the nation at large.

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