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Simple guidelines to distinguish counterfeit drinks – NAFDAC

The agency released the guidelines on its official website in the wake of recent crackdown on counterfeit beverages valued at N750 million, which included popular brands, urging consumers to stay vigilant.


Simple guidelines to distinguish counterfeit drinks – NAFDAC

Story from Fatima Adamu, Abuja.

To aid citizens in distinguishing authentic drinks from potential counterfeits, NAFDAC has presented a comprehensive set of guidelines that Nigerians can adhere to and remain safe.

To check for counterfeit, Nigerians are urged to obey the following guidelines;

Verify NAFDAC Registration: Ensure that the drinks you purchase are NAFDAC-registered. Esteemed and authorised retailers, bars, and supermarkets should exclusively stock products with NAFDAC certification.

Caution on unbelievable prices: Significant markdowns from standard prices or the absence of usual liquor taxes may raise suspicions of counterfeiting.

Scrutiny of packaging quality: Examine the packaging for indications of poor quality, spelling errors, and irregularly shaped bottles. Genuine products adhere to high packaging standards.

Confirm manufacturer information: Check for the manufacturer’s contact details and address on the label. Lack of this information may signal a counterfeit product.

Inspect the seal on products: A broken or damaged seal on the bottle implies tampering. Refrain from consuming beverages with compromised seals as they may pose safety risks.

Authenticate barcodes: Utilise barcode scanning apps on your mobile device to validate the product’s authenticity. Inconsistencies between scanned information and the correct product details should trigger caution.

Trust your senses: Exercise caution if a drink emits unusual smells. Strong odors resembling paint stripper or nail polish remover may indicate a counterfeit product and should be avoided.

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Providing a simple explanation of what an NET is, NAFDAC emphasizes that staying informed and adhering to the outlined guidelines empowers consumers to make safer choices amidst the growing challenge of counterfeit beverages and other consumables during the yuletide season and beyond.

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