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Woman gets £1.5k payout in lawsuit against boss who called her ‘sexy legs’


Woman gets £1.5k payout in lawsuit against boss who called her ‘sexy legs’

A beauty therapist, April Freke, has gotten a £1,500 payout after she sued her employer for sexual harassment after enduring unwanted advances and inappropriate behavior from him.

The employment tribunal heard how Rohit Vikal, her older boss, made unwelcome comments about her appearance, including referring to her as having ‘sexy legs’ and requesting a full-body massage.

He also made remarks about her physical appearance, suggesting that she needed to get her teeth fixed, creating an uncomfortable environment for Ms. Freke.

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The tribunal also detailed incidents of Mr Vikal turning up uninvited to her hotel and sending pornographic materials to her work computer.

Additionally, he frequently touched her badge and knee without consent.

As a result of the ongoing harassment, Ms. Freke felt ‘sick’, ‘frightened’, and ultimately decided to resign from her job less than a year after starting. The employment judge ruled that Mr. Vikal had violated her dignity and that there was a clear power imbalance between the two parties.

The tribunal’s decision to award Ms. Freke £1,522.05 was made after Mr. Vikal made unlawful deductions from her wages. It was also mentioned that the compensation for sexual harassment would be determined at a later date.

The case serves as an important reminder of the consequences of workplace harassment and the importance of maintaining a professional and respectful environment for all employees.

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