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How I tracked down customer after mistakenly withdrawing N100,000 instead of N10,000 – Yobe POS operator


How I tracked down customer after mistakenly withdrawing N100,000 instead of N10,000 – Yobe POS operator

Story from Kasim Isa MUHAMMAD

In Potiskum Local Government Area of Yobe State, a POS operator, Salisu Musa Adamu, has displayed a great level of honesty after spending weeks looking for a customer he mistakenly charged N100,000 instead of N10,000.

In this exclusive interview with Neptune Prime reporter Kasim Isa Muhammad, Mr Musa shared the intriguing story of how he mistakenly withdrew N100,000 instead of N10,000 from a customer’s bank account and went through great lengths to return the extra amount.

Neptune Prime: Can you tell us about yourself?

Musa: I am Salisu Musa Adamu, a POS operator residing in Potiskum, Yobe State.

Neptune Prime: Is it true that you returned the sum of 100,000 naira that you mistakenly withdrew instead of 10,000 naira? Can you tell us more?

Musa: Absolutely. One day, a customer requested 10,ooo naira but I mistakenly withdrew 100,000 naira. Interestingly, he didn’t notice the error. Upon realising my mistake after he left, I felt astonished and committed myself to finding him.

Neptune Prime: What steps did you take to locate the customer?

Musa: I first visited the bank he used, First Bank, seeking assistance in tracing him. Not fully satisfied, I informed people in the community to be on the lookout for his ash coloured car.


The customer, Mr El-Mahmood Ibrahim.


Tips led me to specific areas, including a restaurant. Despite spending days searching, I continued my quest for three weeks, even contemplating taking the money to the mosque.

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Neptune Prime: How did you finally locate him?

Musa: A neighbour called, informing me that the customer was spotted in the same restaurant. Rushing there, I found the same person. I explained the situation, but he couldn’t recall anything. Only after he brought his ATM card did we confirm the error.

Neptune Prime: What motivated you to go to such lengths to return the money?

Musa: Simply put, it’s about honesty. I cannot have peace of mind holding onto someone else’s belongings.

Neptune Prime: Did the customer compensate you for returning the money?

Musa: Yes, he offered N10,000, appreciating my honesty, even though I initially rejected it.

Neptune Prime: Can you tell us when this incident happened?

Musa: Around the 17th of December 2023.

Neptune Prime also interviewed the customer, Mr El-Mahmood Ibrahim, who was wrongly debited of N100,000 and didn’t realise it till the POS operator tracked him down.

Ibrahim: I felt extremely happy and never expected such honesty. I pray for his greatness because finding someone like him is rare in this self-centered generation.

Neptune Prime: Didn’t you receive an alert when he mistakenly withdrew more than you asked?

Ibrahim: Surprisingly, I did not receive the debit alert till today. I even traveled to Maiduguri that same day and spent a week there without getting the alert. I’m grateful people like him still exist.

Speaking about the importance of kind gestures, Musa encouraged people to imbibe the habit of honesty, as it can undoubtedly open more doors than anticipated.

Neptune Prime learned that the heartwarming story garnered widespread commendation on social media, with the National Orientation Agency recognising Musa for his exceptional honesty.

National Orientation Agency recognised Musa’s kind gesture.


Equally, Chairman of Potiskum Local Government, Alhaji Salisu Mutari, extended appreciation, showcasing the transformative power of honesty, which has become a rare thing in the society.

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