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Public Office: Posture, decency, decorum as body language; note to Osun Gov. Ademola Adeleke, by Yoruba Emancipation Union Worldwide


Public Office: Posture, decency, decorum as body language; note to Osun Gov. Ademola Adeleke, by Yoruba Emancipation Union Worldwide

Posture has been defined as the ways we move our bodies. This includes the ways we walk, either slowly or sluggishly, very fast or stylishly, majestically or the other way. It includes the ways we place our bodies in the sitting positions, the way we carry our heads, and not the least, the ways we fix our looks. Every movement is important to good postures.

Decency and decorum, also reinforces good postures for public office. Both tend to expose and appraise our acceptable normal societal values. Thus, we have decent cultural values in different cultures. These include decency in our speeches, dresses, dances, looks, etc.

Each society defines its own acceptable or unacceptable values, which attracts rewards, such as, approvals or sanctions.
Approvals of decent cultural values, usually take the forms of positive responses or rewards. These may be beneficial prizes, awards or medals. Indeed, indecent acts or activities usually attract disapprovals, such as, sanctions, condemnations and outright rejections. These include indecent speeches, dresses, dances, reactions, including fighting and inappropriate interactions with the opposite sex, especially in the public, etc.

Decorum is also a very important conduct, defined and expressed in cultural values. It has a lot to do with human acceptability, and positivity in human societies. Decorum is the harbinger of and a predisposition to peaceful relationships, whilst the opposite of it, could spell doom for order, progress, and well-being of the entire humanity. Thus, indecorous act(s), is invitation to crises of unimaginable proportions, and indeed anarchy.
To burrow lines from an Irish Poet – W B Yeats:

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre,
The Falcon cannot hear the falconer
Things Fall apart, the centre cannot hold,
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”

Yoruba race, indeed epitomizes great postures, decency and decorum in cultural values. Thus, throughout the years of socialisation processes, and upbringing of the Yoruba child, he /she is given the right cultural values of the Yoruba race, to produce a man or woman of impeccable posture, decency and decorum.
This is the true ” Omoluabi”
A mere “subtle look” from parents and loved ones, brings a Yoruba Omoluabi to order.

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We therefore, feel deeply disturbed and concerned by the uncontrollable dances of our brother, Governor Jackson Adeleke of Osun state. We state with heavy heart that, the uncontrollable dances at every available public occasion, where ever and whenever he appears in the public is becoming, indeed very worrisome.
There is nothing bad if a leader dances in certain situations. Dancing is part of ways by which human beings express their joy, whenever they experience successes, breakthroughs, promotions or fulfilled dreams. Yes, we are free to “let off the steam” at suchlike times.

However, a Governor of a state, is not an ordinary person. He is a public figure occupying the number one position in a whole state of millions, of his people. Therefore, Governor Ademola Adeleke must realize the truth, he should demonstrate the characters, carriage, posture, decency and decorum of the number one citizen of his state, and not the opposite. He must realize the importance of the high office and not demean the exalted office, either by commission or omission, of his personal conduct.
To reduce the office of the highest citizen of a state to personal immoral frailties and traits is absolutely wrong, indeed, an aberration, and a misnomer. It is wrong devaluation of such a public office, and by implication, sending very wrong signals to the younger generations who have been woefully dehumanized by the prevailing political, economic, socio-psychological crises, currently plaguing our beloved nation.

Unfortunately, Governor Adeleke is not a young man, if he were in his early 30s, he may possibly be excused, but for a man of over 60+ to dance publicly as he does, naturally signify that something, is wrong somewhere. His strokes and body mass are a mockery to his office, maybe he does not know, and of course, when he does that with some funny looking women publicly, the sensibilities of reasonable people, are utterly offended. We add in Yoruba, “olowo ijo baun, die die lolowo njo, olowo ijo baun” The Biblical passage to the effect that “when I was young, I used to think and act like a young man….but when I became of age…is apposite.

We like to appeal to our brother Governor Adeleke, to kindly look into this matter and reflect soberly on same, knowing fully well that his office, belongs to the good people of Osun State and as a custodian, he should desist from acts lowering the esteem, of his exalted position.

A king should not dance naked, in the market place.

Written by Yoruba Emancipation Union Worldwide. Rue Van Lint’s 73,
1070, Brussels, Belgium.

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