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Yobe introduces optional memorisation of Qur’an in public schools

"The optional Qur'an memorisation classes will expose students to more in-depth knowledge about their religion. It serves as an opportunity for those who wish to further engage with Islamic teachings beyond the regular school curriculum."


Yobe introduces optional memorisation of Qur’an in public schools

Story from Kasim Muhammad.

In a bid to address parental concerns about the scope of Islamic education in public schools, Dr. Muhammad Sani Idriss, the Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education in Yobe State, announced a new initiative for public schools across the state to offer optional Qur’an memorisation classes for interested students.

Speaking to the press in Damaturu on Thursday, the Commissioner clarified that the classes are entirely optional and cater exclusively to students who express an interest in participating.

He said the initiative aims to provide additional avenues for students to deepen their understanding of Islamic teachings.

Dr. Idriss emphasised the voluntary nature of the classes, ensuring that they are not mandatory for all students.

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He added that this approach is in line with the commitment to respecting individual choices and preferences regarding religious education.

He concluded that the introduction of such classes aligns with the state’s commitment to promoting a holistic educational experience that respects the cultural and religious diversity of its students.

Dr. Sani, the former Director of El-Kanemi College of Islamic Theology in Maiduguri, Borno State, was renowned for his ability to combine and engage students in learning Arabic language and the Holy Qur’an.

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