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Aisha’s artistic remarkable journey from Yobe to international acclaim


Aisha’s artistic remarkable journey from Yobe to international acclaim

Aisha Mohammed Buba is a beautiful 20-year-old self-taught artist hailing from Yobe State in North-East Nigeria. Despite the challenges posed by the region’s insurgency, Aisha’s extraordinary talent has catapulted her to international recognition, garrenderingattention from both the media and the global market.

Her Inspiring story serves as a testament to the power of passion and resilience. Aisha’s artistic prowess not only defies the limitations of her surroundings but also transcends the barriers of age. At just 20, she has proven that age is merely a number when it comes to achieving remarkable feats.

A shining example of how talent knows no bounds, Aisha Mohammed Buba’s journey showcases the transformative potential of art, transcending geographical and societal constrains. Her story encourages aspiring artists to pursue their missions relentlessly, demonstrating that one’s creative abilities can lead to unprecedented heights, even in the face of adversity. Read the full interview to know more about her.

NP: Your name, state of origin, and a brief overview of your educational background.

My name is Aisha Mohammed Buba I am from Yobe State, I did my nursery, primary, and secondary school in Damaturu Yobe State. I’m currently in level 200 studying public administration at Yobe State University.

NP: When did you start painting?

I started painting when I was a child as I have a passion for it but I did not make it a business until 2021.

NP: Can you share the inspiration behind those captivating artworks?

Art has always been an inspiration to me since childhood so as I grow older I become more inspired through movies as there are many beautiful captivating scenery, so I decided to bring it to life by painting them.

NP: Your artwork has gone places, How does the transition from a local artist to an international one impact your creative process?

All I can say is it has impacted me on so many levels from just having a few customers to many all over the country and I am very much grateful to the Almighty for this success and my family and friends, my state government who supported me in this wonderful journey.

NP: As an artist, what themes or messages do you aim to convey through your work, and how do you believe painting can be a powerful tool for societal change?

The message I aim to convey through my art is to let people know that art is not just a hobby it is also a skill acquisition that people need to learn to live it.

NP: Could you share a memorable experience from your journey as an artist that had a profound impact on your perspective or career?

After my BBC interview, I got a lot of messages from people in my state and other states that I inspired them and that a girl from Northern Nigeria can achieve a lot from her talent and it encourages them to keep on pushing.

NP: Can the art of painting be learned, or it is more of a natural gift from God?

I can proudly say that I am a self-taught artist, I have never learned art so it’s more of a natural gift Alhamdulillah.

NP: What advice do self-taught aspiring artists have?

My advice for aspiring artists is that they should go for it, it is going to be worth it In Sha Allah.

NP: How do you envision the future of your art?

I envisioned my art in the future going international, big, and having huge success In Sha Allah

NP: To what extent do your social media interactions and profile contribute to your personal and professional success?

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Social media has contributed a lot to my success because it’s through social media I was able to display my work so that it attracts people to buy from all over the country.

NP: Please highlight significant challenges you’ve faced in your professional far

The challenge I am facing in my business is that the place where I live doesn’t have basic art supplies, so I have to order from Kano or Abuja. During the process of delivering it to me, some get damaged, or when I’m delivering an order it gets damaged too.

NP: Kindly reflect on whether there are any aspects or decisions in your life that you regret

So far I don’t regret any decision I made.

NP: Does painting pay? Can one depend on painting for a living?

Yes, painting brings a lot of money. People willingly pay any amount for an art piece. So it is very sustainable.

NP: Our readers would like to have an insight into your favorite hobbies beyond your professional life

I love reading novels, watching series/movies, riding horses, and baking.

NP: What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is fried yam and tomato sauce. I also love pizza.

NP: How do you unwind and relax after a hectic day?

I sleep to unwind when I have a hectic day.

NP: How do you manage time between your family, school, and your professional endeavors?

I usually paint during the night, while I spend time with my family and school during the day. And it’s not every day that I paint,  unless when I have too many orders.

NP: Thank you for taking the time to share your insights and experiences. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

A pleasure.

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