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I shall change the circumstance, by Ehwaibee


I shall change the circumstance, by Ehwaibee

Only I can do that
I am voluptuous and once General set his eyes on me
I shall hold the gaze
I shall make him go down on his knees with my gaze
My gaze shall make him reach out and feel the soft and supple me.

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I shall be very hot like a clay pot on firewood.
I shall caress the General and make him have a volcanic heat.
I shall make him listen not to any sound but his fast heartbeats.

I shall then pull him closer
Very close as he continues to lose his entire guards.
Now he’s strong enough to plunge me.

I shall let him finish the marathon and assure him that he indeed received the most needed soul-healing

After healing the General needs.
I shall then tell him outrightly between heavy breaths.

That the land is on fire.
My statement shall change the circumstances.
For the sick General has received his healing.

Adama Yerima Balla is a Maidugri humaniprenuer (Human entrepreneur), a writer, an all-inclusive advocate for the disabled, a philanthropist, a mother, and an unapologetic quadriplegic who dedicated her life to helping people with disability. She can be reached via +2348069354055 adamaballa@yahoo.com

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