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NP’s Family Dynamics on Sunday: Seeking fairness while navigating the challenges of parenting as the second wife


NP’s Family Dynamics on Sunday: Seeking fairness while navigating the challenges of parenting as the second wife

“Dear Sis Eesher, I need your advice on this issue. I am living in depression right now, my sisters. I know I am a sinner in the eyes of so many because I became a second wife. My marriage is just 2 and a half years. My co-wife and I are mate agemates, but destiny chose to delay me till I was 32 to be called a wife. I have been through so much in just a few months after marriage.

There’s no name I have not been called. There’s nothing that has not been said to me. On Sunday, I don’t know what occurred between my son & hers, she came to our mother-in-law’s house and met me there. I just broke my fast and was resting. I am heavily pregnant as well. She was reporting issues and shouting, I was hearing my son’s and her son’s names but didn’t understand what she was saying because I am not from the same tribe as them. She started using abusive words on me & I told her to speak in a language I understand. She came closer with her hands on her waist and started shouting, insulting me, and I responded. She slapped me & I hit her back, which resulted in a fight.

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She’ll always tell me I have come to drag properties with her even when I’ve always overlooked the injustice and cheating from my husband. Since it has now become a constant statement, I told hubby I know my right as a Muslim and as a wife to an extent when it comes to deen, we both have equal rights but I always overlook yet any little issue she said I came to drag properties with her hence I want my full and equal rights given to me otherwise he should be on his own until he’s ready to give me my rights.

Have I asked for too much? Like I said earlier on, I have sinned to have accepted being a second wife. I already know that part. All I ask is, am I asking for too much at this point?”

Dear readers, your responses could save a home. Please be emphatic and kind. We are looking forward to hearing your views. Thank you.

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