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Online love turned nightmare: Kidnapped and facing a chilling revelation, by Henry’s Library


Online love turned Nightmare: Kidnapped and Facing a Chilling Revelation, by Henry’s Library

“Baby, I can’t wait to eat you when you come here,” Michael said over the phone and I giggled first, then reeled over with laughter.

Did I tell you how I met him, we met here on Facebook and we both fell for each other.

“I can’t wait to be eaten too,” I encouraged his sēx talk and we agreed to meet tonight, I was to wait for him at a bus stop leading to his house.

I got dressed in a mini-skirt, and cropped tops, looking every bit as sēxy and buxom as I wanted.

Night came and I could barely wait to be with Michael as my mind churned with excitement. I arrived on time at the bus stop but, Michael didn’t show up to pick me up.

I had just started to place a call when two able-bodied men alighted from a car and abd. ucted me.

I screamed but no one heard. Rough hands pull my hands to the back and they tie my hands with cords that cut into my wrists.

They shove me into the trunk and slam the door. They sped off.

I couldn’t breathe as the car hurtled away but soon the car came to a stop.

I screamed as they dragged me out of the trunk and into a building. They shove me to the hard, cold floor of an unknown room and lock the doors.

I pull my wrists to my teeth and try to tear at the cords but try as I might, it didn’t loosen.

I try reaching my arms out, lurching and stumbling.

But this dimly lit room is too small. I touch rough walls. I’m on my hands and knees, feeling the floor.

My hand hits a familiar object – my phone! It must’ve fallen out of my back pocket.

“Thank you, Lord” I murmur.

The screen illuminates and so does my heart, but only for a moment.

I turn the light outward only to see four close concrete walls. No windows. A single door. No door handle to let me out.

I sink to the floor, gasping. My chest is on fire. I’m sweating and shivering all at once.

I clutch my iPhone and manage to touch my boyfriend’s name, Michael, with a shaking finger.

It rings. Once. Twice. He answers.

“Hey, babe, I’m waiting for you aren’t you coming again?” he says.

I can’t speak. I’m sobbing.

“Diamond?” he asks. “Diamond, is that you sweetie? What’s wrong?”

I am coughing raucously as I try to speak.

“Diamond, Say something! Are you hurt?”

“Someone…” I manage to speak but then go dumbstruck.

“Someone…” I can’t think. “Someone too..too..took me.”

“Took you? What do you mean? Took you how?”

“I don’t know! I don’t know!!” I moan barely able to contain my tears.

“Ok, sweetie,” he sounded gentle. “Please calm down. I don’t understand. I can’t come get you if I don’t understand.”

I try to stop my tears and form words.

“He atta.cked me. Put me in the trunk of a car. I don’t know where I am. No windows.” I’m weeping again.

“Sweetheart,” he spoke slowly. “You… You were k!dnāpped!”

My stomach suddenly feels aggravated and I begin to throw up.

“Listen to me, babe. I need to hang up so that I can get the police immediately.”

“No! Don’t hang up Michael Don’t hang up.” I’m pleading. My life is over if he hangs up that phone, I imagine.

“Ok,” he says. “OK, babe. Try to calm down. It will be ok. Is he there?”

“No,” my voice is quavery. “I don’t think so.”

“And there’s no way you can get out?”

“No,” I whisper.

“OK, stay on the line, babe. I’m going to call the police from my other phone.”

I hear him murmuring and then he comes back to me.

“Diamond? Good news sweetie. The police can find you. It won’t be long.”

I sigh and sit against the wall, relief flooding me.

“Thank you,” I whisper. “I love you.”

“I love you too. It’s going to be ok. Can you tell me what happened?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know.” But I explained to him how I was abducted. “Are you sure it was a guy?”

“It must’ve been. He was big, strong, with rough hands”

“He didn’t say anything? Can you remember his voice?”

“No – nothing.”

“And no one came to help you?”

“No one noticed I guess”

“The police are checking now I’m sure. I gave them your number to use.”


“What is it, babe?”

“What if he comes back before the police get here?” I whisper.

“That’s not gonna happen, my love. Don’t even let your mind go there. The police will show up any minute and you’ll be with me, I still wanna eat you”

I managed a chuckle but my body cringed.

I allow myself a tiny smile.

“Do you think the police are taking a long time? Shouldn’t they be here by now?” I ask again.

“I’m sure they’ll be there soon, sweetie. Hang in there.”

“Can you call them again? Maybe they need more information to find….”

Just then I hear someone fumbling at the door. Keys jangling.

My heart stops. I freeze.

“Michael?” I whisper. “He’s here. Oh God, Jesus, he’s here. God, he’s here!”

The door opens and a rush of cold night air fills the cell. It’s dark outside but I see a figure silhouetted against the moonlight.

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He carries an axe casually over his shoulder.

He’s still holding the phone to his ear.

As am I.

He looks down at me, smirking. And I am confused, could By abd. uctor be my boyfriend? But this wasn’t the picture he’d used on his profile.

He pulled me out to his kitchen still tied, he dropped me on the counter and got pans and skillets for cooking.

He opens his freezer and I see a whole of parts.

Human parts.

A female head with open eyes.

A breasts.


“Oh, lest I forget, Diamond,” he said.

“I am Michael, and I can’t wait to eat you”

if you were in my place, what would you do?


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