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Still on Abba Kyari’s crime fighting and the need to curtail disturbing incidences of crime in Nigeria (12), by Hajia Hadiza Mohammed


Still on Abba Kyari’s crime fighting and the need to curtail disturbing incidences of crime in Nigeria (12), by Hajia Hadiza Mohammed

Just as I hinted in the last part of this series, I have continued to receive useful feedback from readers across the country and beyond who are unanimous in wishing that the super cop, DCP Abba Kyari, be released and reinstated to his role of fighting banditry and kidnappers and crime kingpins in the country. And just as the reactions and advocacy for his release kept coming, so are different groups agitating for his release keep springing up. A group known as the Abba Kyari Supporters Club invited me to join their social media platform. There is another group known as the DCP Abba Kyari Fans that has 572 members on the social media. There is the Arewa Youths for Abba Kyari. You also have the Youth Coalition for Abba Kyari and in Borno State, you have the Release Abba Kyari now group and so on.

In another development, an Abuja-based group known as the Security Watch Initiative (SWI) has called for the unconditional release of DCP Abba Kyari. Speaking through its National Coordinator Prince Osmond Ibeawusi, the group stated that the deteriorating security situation in the country makes it imperative that the authorities should act fast by recalling the suspended former commander of the IGP-IRT squad. Prince Ibeawusi opined sweepingly that anyone against the reinstatement of Abba Kyari is either a criminal or a beneficiary of the proceeds from crime.

One Abbakar Sadeek wrote thus: “The absence of the super cop, DCP Abba Kyari has brought Nigeria to this ugly security challenge. As a concerned citizen of Nigeria, I appeal to president Bola Ahmed Tinubu, members of the National Assembly, the Judiciary, and all relevant security agencies to urgently look into the case of Abba Kyari and his team whose presence in the society will put an end to all manners of insecurity challenges in the country called Nigeria.”

One Mukaila Adepoju said among other things that, “if the release and recall to duty of one man can reduce banditry and kidnapping in Nigeria then he ought to be released whatever he has done notwithstanding…” In the same vein, one Jerry Udechukwu has this to say: “that Abba Kyari is still relevant in crime fighting is not in doubt, that the rate of banditry, kidnapping and violent crime have worsened in the country since the incarceration of the super cop is also not in doubt what is in doubt however, is the ability of the authorities to know the difference and the political will to do the right thing and reinstate Abba to his duty post.” Efe Oghenekevwe was a little comical in his contribution. Hear him, “our decision-makers don’t act until they are touched personally. And since they fly by air, they don’t care what the bandits do on the road. But just wait the day the bandits and the kidnappers strike them on the way to the airport then they will remember that there is need reengage somebody like Abba Kyari to confront them.” Musa Adabba wrote: “I didn’t know what is going on and who those that are behind this issue (Abba Kyari case) but, even they didn’t want him again, there is no problem, let them free him for us.”

Again, just I stated in the last edition, I promised to review the Human Rights Radio’s position on Abba Kyari’s case. Earlier before Abba Kyari’s detention, Ahmed Isah also known as the Ordinary President of the Human Rights Radio Abuja in a widely circulated broadcast that was reported in different media platforms, advocated for the reinstatement of the much decorated police officer DCP Abba Kyari. Speaking in the radio breakfast programme in 2021, Ahmed Isah was of the view that Abba Kyari has done so much in crime fighting to go down for one mistake. He decried the attitude of some fellow officers and Kyari’s colleagues gloating over the suspension of Abba Kyari describing them as ineffective officers. “They are celebrating, they are quick to celebrate but let me tell you, whether you care to listen or not, Abba Kyari is not going down by the grace of God. He has done too [much] good to go down because of one mistake, even if it is true.” Again just as many believed, the much respected activist also believed that the super cop could have been tempted to do wrong while holding office as head of the Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team IGP-(IRT) squad and therefore should be pardoned because of his commendable feat in combating crime in the country.

Abba Kyari has been in detention now for many months while people are agitating for his release. It is rare for people to advocate for the release of one accused of crime or wrong doing. But, for people to continually agitate for Kyari release despite the charge of wrong doing leveled against him means that his case is peculiar and should be reviewed. This is because of his prowess in the area of crime bursting. It means that he is still very much relevant in this country. The Igbo people have a saying that he who is being called has an important role that he plays. DCP Abba Kyari has a place in the history of crime bursting in this country and should be given due consideration.


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Hajia Hadiza Mohammed is an actress, social activist, and politician. Email: hajiahadizamohammed@gmail.com

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