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ACF salutes Christians at Easter, urges Nigerians on tolerance


ACF salutes Christians at Easter, urges Nigerians on tolerance

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has extended warm congratulations to Nigerian Christians as they celebrate Easter, urging them to embody the virtues exemplified by Jesus Christ.

In a statement signed by Muhammad Ibrahim Biu, the National Publicity Secretary, ACF praised the teachings of Jesus Christ, emphasizing values such as tolerance, love, and self-sacrifice, which are crucial for nation-building.

“Easter is a time of reflection on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, whose message of tolerance, forgiveness, and love transcends boundaries,” the statement reads.

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ACF highlighted the significance of Easter in uniting Christians and promoting the sacredness of human life, emphasizing equality before God.

The forum wished all Nigerians, especially Christians, a joyful celebration and encouraged the practice of tolerance, forgiveness, and good neighborliness.

Biu emphasized that overcoming Nigeria security challenges and fostering nation-building require collective efforts from both the government and citizens.

ACF called on leaders and citizens to unite against common challenges, stressing the importance of providing support to security agencies through intelligence gathering.

“With the conclusion of the 2019 general elections, it is paramount for our leaders to prioritise reconciliation and inclusiveness for the advancement of good governance,” the statement continues.

ACF urged governments at all levels to prioritise the welfare of all Nigerians and foster unity for the collective good of the nation. The forum emphasized the need for swift action to restore peace and normalcy, calling for intensified efforts by security agencies.

As Nigerians celebrate Easter, ACF’s message resonates with the call for unity, tolerance, and collective action towards a peaceful and prosperous Nigeria.

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