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Drake loses $615,000 as Joshua knocks out Ngannou in Riyadh clash


Drake loses $615,000 as Joshua knocks out Ngannou in Riyadh clash

International rapper Drake faced a staggering loss of $615,000 after Anthony Joshua delivered a knockout blow to Francis Ngannou in their highly anticipated heavyweight battle in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Despite Drake’s belief in Ngannou’s victory and the potential $1.9 million payout, Joshua secured a brutal second-round knockout during the ‘Knockout Chaos’ event on Friday night.

Known for his involvement in high-stakes sports betting, Drake’s recent loss adds to a series of wins and losses, reinforcing the infamous “Drake Curse.”

This phenomenon, associated with athletes and teams pictured with the rapper, has affected figures like quarterback Johny Manziel, UFC fighter Kamaru Usman, and tennis star Serena Williams.

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This loss follows Drake’s previous miscalculation in January, where he bet over half-a-million pounds on the incorrect outcome of a UFC fight. Despite his occasional losses, Drake has also celebrated substantial wins, such as a $1.3 million payout in 2023 when YouTube boxer Logan Paul won after his opponent was disqualified.

The rapper’s betting journey continues to be a topic of interest, highlighting the unpredictable nature of sports outcomes and the financial stakes involved in celebrity wagers.

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