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Naira Bounce Back: The impact of Cardoso’s strategies, by Ademola Oyetunji


Naira Bounce Back: The impact of Cardoso’s strategies, by Ademola Oyetunji

Olayemi Cardoso, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has emerged as a central figure in the narrative of Nigeria’s economic resilience, especially in the face of the Naira crisis that has tested the fortitude of Africa’s largest economy. His tenure, marked by decisive action and strategic foresight, has seen the Naira navigate through turbulent waters, eventually finding a steadier course amidst a sea of economic challenges. The measures implemented under his leadership exemplify a blend of courage, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to the economic well-being of Nigerians.

Cardoso’s approach to the crisis was multi-faceted, addressing both immediate and structural issues with precision and authority. One of the first challenges he tackled was the speculation and arbitrage activities that significantly contributed to the Naira’s depreciation. By identifying and acting against entities such as Binance Nigeria Ltd and various unregistered bureau de change operators, Cardoso cut off a significant source of pressure on the Naira. This action, along with the forensic auditing of forex obligations carried out by Deloitte Management Consulting, showcased his resolve to ensure transparency and accountability in the forex market.

Moreover, the Governor’s strategic decision to fulfill legitimate forex obligations to foreign entities and his crackdown on illicit financial flows demonstrated a keen understanding of the importance of international confidence in Nigeria’s economic policies. The successful issuance of Nigeria’s first Eurobond in two years, which was oversubscribed, is a testament to the growing trust in Nigeria’s economic direction under Cardoso’s guidance.

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Cardoso’s collaboration with law enforcement agencies like the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Nigerian Police further underscores his comprehensive approach to stabilizing the Naira. This partnership has been instrumental in curbing illegal financial activities and restoring order in the forex parallel market.

One of the boldest moves by Cardoso was at the maiden Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting under his chairmanship in February 2024, raising the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR), a benchmark interest rate to 400 basis point to 22.75% from 18.75%, the asymmetric corridor around the MPR to +100/-700 basis point from +100/-300, the Cash Reserve Requirement (CRR) to 45% from 32.5% but retained Liquidity Ratio at 30%, signaled a strong commitment to taming inflation and stabilizing the economy. These measures, while tough, were necessary to curb the excessive money supply contributing to inflation, demonstrating Cardoso’s readiness to make difficult decisions for the greater good.

Olayemi Cardoso’s leadership reflects a blend of resilience, strategic vision, and a deep-seated commitment to Nigeria’s economic stability. His actions have not only helped in steering the Naira back to a path of recovery but have also laid the groundwork for a more robust and resilient economy. Through a combination of rigorous policy implementation, strategic partnerships, and a clear focus on transparency and accountability, Cardoso has demonstrated an exemplary model of central banking in times of crisis. His tenure thus far is a beacon of hope for the Nigerian economy, illustrating that with the right leadership, even the most daunting economic challenges can be navigated successfully.

Ademola Oyetunji writes from Ibadan.


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  1. Jon says

    Wow, this fellow has built Rome in a day then?

    With all the article’s assertions all stated as “facts”, Nigerian Naira will soon really be stronger than the US Dollar. Perhaps with this much magical results continuing, it will soon be US$3 = NGN1? Before the year runs out?😅😂

    1. Neptune Prime says

      Hopefully, bros.

  2. Brass says

    This is the must tribalistic journalist story ever! Worse still from someone who could have done better.
    Buhari in 8 years managed the reduction if the naira from about 200 to 400 , whereas these unfortunates achieved 400% fall of the naira in 8 months!
    These lot borrow money to shore up the naira, who does that?!! So what’s going to happen when they run out of lenders for such stupidity? The mere act of borrowing devalues your currency and that’s common sense. Eurobond over subscribed? Bond being borrowing, what does that tell you, in a mono product based economy where the product oil, gas been sold into the future and the monies already wasted into private pockets? Meanwhile oil subsidy is still fully going on but these bunch keep up with their criminal descriptions …

    In short, Nigeria is a joke!

  3. Brass says

    Wow, this Cardoso fellow has indeed built Rome in a day then?
    With all the article’s assertions all stated as “facts”, Nigerian Naira will soon really be stronger than the US Dollar.
    Perhaps with this much magical results continuing, it will soon be US$3 = One Naira (NGN1)? – Before the year runs out?😅😂

    Moronic article unfortunately by an intelligent writer who sadly was blinded by tribal defending. You can bet he was once of those who criticised Buhari that on reflection now, was much better than this Tinubu!!

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