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NP Family Dynamics with Eesher: A sister is seeking advice on her relationship betrayal


NP Family Dynamics with Eesher: A sister is seeking advice on her relationship betrayal

Good afternoon, Sis Eesher
I’m really sad and unhappy about this issue, I just want experienced mums to give me advice…

I found out my husband was cheating on me last year in November, and I talked to him… he promised to change. He chats with numerous girls on WhatsApp, and they meet in different hotels… I chatted with one of his girls who is planning to meet that very day with his phone because I need strong evidence before confronting him.

To cut the long story short, he apologized and promised to cut the lady off and delete the app. He told me his excuse was that I used to deny him sex sometimes, which I know is a lie. He’s just looking for an excuse.

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I am very hurt and scared, as I have a cousin sister who contracted HIV through her husband, the husband later left her… I opened up and told my husband how I detest cheating partners because of my cousin’s experience thinking he will change.

I tried to change my ways and styles of giving him sex, also giving him anytime he asked for it, including using all these Kayan Mata products just to satisfy him. I eventually got pregnant while I still have a 10-month-old baby. Even as I’m dealing with morning sickness, I still allow him to have sex with me even though I am not that strong.

I was surprised to find my husband again chatting with the same lady he promised not to talk to, even sending her a s*x video that he missed that particular style…

I felt betrayed and so stupid to trust him again, and I told him that I had realized that he could never change, that I have freed him to go on and continue the life he had chosen.

I also warned him not to demand sex from me again, that if he tried, he would see the worst of me. My husband is remorseful now, but I don’t trust him anymore.

Sis Eesher, am I making the right decision?

Kindly advice her. Please be emphatic and kind, your counsel could save a home.

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