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Outrage over bandits’ public display of ransom money on social media


Outrage over bandits’ public display of ransom money on social media

Outrage has erupted over a viral video showing bandits flaunting a large sum of money believed to be ransom obtained from victims.

The disturbing footage surfaced on Tiktok, showcasing the brazen display of illicit funds.

The cash displays were shockingly shared on a social media account belonging to a counter-insurgency expert and security analyst named Zagazola Makama.

This account boasts over 3000 followers, including individuals identified as bandits who parade themselves in military or police attire while brandishing firearms.

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“Audacity: Bandit on Tiktok flaunting and showing off ransom money he collected from his victims.”

“The user of the account has 3000 followers, some of them are bandits who openly show off their rifles and are dressed in military or police uniforms.

“Tiktok platform has given room for insurgents to promote their campaign of terror without being restricted,” he wrote.

The post has incited anger among viewers.

Writing via @tundealuko, one Tunde Aluko said: “Bandit has a social media account and ‘can’t be found” random user post a comment about EFCC chairman and was arrested under 2 weeks.”

@mobilisingniger: “The annoying thing is the video was taken 3days ago. There is a video were he was showing where he went to collect ransom from his victim.”

@Sikowitz17: “If someone insulted the IGP or the presidency and had a video showing his face on TikTok or Twitter. He’d have been arrested within hours.”

@Kings_Things: “Openly showing off rifles and flexing on the gram, Nigerian security forces refuse to do anything to apprehend them. Every Nigerian deserves the right to legally own a gun to protect themselves because no one will protect you better than yourself.”

@obajemujnr: “Security can track anyone who dares insult politicians, but they can’t track b@ndits flaunting ill-gotten wealth on TikTok. That speaks volumes.”

@aamowuN: “Nigerian police spokesman brazenly bragged here that he can locate anyone who called out the Nigerian police on social media within minutes but can’t locate bandit who roam freely on social media. Abi the rule of location does not apply to terrorists?”

@AmaraDeborah1: “Thinking TikTok is the problem here,is crazy. This is an evidence of a failed state. A country that massages ego of terrorists, negotiate (fund them),reintegrate the arrested ones into the society and pay them, then set up armoured vehicles to raze down civilian communities.”

@toyeebarowona: “The government is doing a lot to fight terrorism but this might be a wake up call to the government to do more in it’s war against terrorism. We can’t allow miscreants to mock us as a nation.”

@VictorFargo: “Nigeria insecurity crisis have given insurgents the audacity to post on social media. Don’t blame it on tiktok, this is an easy opportunity to track them.”

@Tsure1∅1: “These people are completely animal. You are calling the name of God to do evil, kill, and rob people because of the guns you have in your possession.”

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