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Re-Why should Nigeria not breakup?, by Hassan Gimba


Re-Why should Nigeria not breakup?, by Hassan Gimba

I read with keen interest, the article with the above headline, for numerous reasons. The three major ones; the writer, at all times, opens my eyes to facts that makes me informed in every communication. He is frank and always bold to bell the cat in situations where others decide to be economical with the truth. The headline is also catchy which would definitely unveil a lot for patriotic minds.

When it comes to issue of break-up or continuation of the marriage of convenience anchored by the colonial masters, majority of Nigerians find it difficult to sit on the fence. It’s always burning as everyone feels duty bound to express thoughts, in cases, leading others to pick bones.

The article uncovered the likely challenges of the break-up for the parties concerned. I must say that the analysis is valid. However, I do not know why the writer chose to be more deep on the likely challenges the North may face more than he did for the south.

For example, the nature of insecurity in the north differs from the south. I’ve not seen, read about a verifiable, genuine individual northerner, openly garnering support for Boko Haram, Banditry or Kidnapping bedeviling the region. The mercenaries live out of the society, which means the people do not accept them, hence the end can be near. For the south, the story is different. There are well meaning personalities, opinion leaders and highly placed political leaders coming out boldly to support criminality, creating fictitious reasons to justify bloodshed of fellow humans, standing as sureties for filthy individuals whose hands are soaked in the blood of the innocents. This simply means the end is not in sight. Please Sir, refer to your article on “Open letter to Ndigbo” and the page that published rejoinders, comments and observations.

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In the spate of years, I have had the opportunity of visiting each of the 36 states of the federation and FCT for various reasons. I’ve seen a lot for myself and interacted widely. As I stand, I should have contacts of people from all the states. A good number of the agitators of the break-up lack the core-requisite information, knowledge and experience about the nation. They are likely overwhelmed with the countless challenges eating the country so deep and eager to rush to the conclusion that break-up is the ultimate solution.

Nigeria as a united nation serves the interest of all. The negative impacts of the agitated break-up would also be spread across board proportionally depending on area of strengths and weaknesses of each.

We have lived to rely on each other for the needs of life as no geopolitical zone, region is self sufficient. Even if a particular geopolitical zone decides to be independent of the other for certain things it does not have, the tendency that it has to go elsewhere to look for it always exist, not without consequences.

Furthermore, if the agitators of the break-up are to get their demand, it must be understood that Nigeria may not split into two, at least four. The three geopolitical zones in the North; North Central, North East and North West can accept to live as one nation. This is possible due to the fact that they share many things in common that can make them a nation including lingua franca, religion, culture, etc which may not be obtainable among the three geopolitical zones of the south. This implies that the north is the secret of Nigeria’s unity.

Nigeria has all it takes to be a great nation and compete favourably with other nations. The main thing lacking is good leadership. Good leadership begets good followership and vice versa. What is now incumbent upon the ruling class is to accept to change the narrative for the benefit of all for a stronger and prosperous Nigeria that would work for all devoid of all sentiments.

May Nigeria succeed.

Thank you sir.

Lawan writes from Hausawa Asibiti Ward, Potiskum Yobe State. He can be reached via nasidi30@gmail.com.


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