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Kenya flood death toll hits 76

The death toll in Kenya alone has reached 76, with many more injured and missing...


Kenya flood death toll hits 76

Over the past few months, Kenya and surrounding East African nations have been facing a severe crisis due to relentless rains and catastrophic flooding.

The death toll in Kenya alone has reached 76, with many more injured and missing.

The region has been struggling to recover from its worst drought in four decades, with the recent heavy rains compounding the already dire situation.

The floods, triggered by monsoon downpours since March, have ravaged communities and displaced over 130,000 people in Nairobi alone. The government has issued warnings for even heavier rainfall, urging residents to take precautions and brace for further devastation.

Government spokesman Isaac Mwaura expressed deep regret over the loss of additional lives, bringing the total death toll to 76. Nairobi has been particularly hard hit, with 32 confirmed casualties and nearly 17,000 households displaced.

The Seven Forks hydropower project along the Tana river is at full capacity, raising concerns of potential overflow and prompting evacuations to higher ground in affected areas.

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Neighboring Tanzania has also been grappling with the destructive impact of the floods, with at least 155 fatalities reported due to flooding and landslides.

In Burundi, thousands have been displaced by continuous heavy rains, further exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in the region. Uganda, too, has faced severe storms causing deaths and displacements, adding to the widespread devastation.

The devastating effects of El Nino, a climatic phenomenon known for its extremes of drought and heavy rainfall, have been magnified by one of the strongest El Ninos on record.

The UN’s World Meteorological Organisation has highlighted the severity of the current climate patterns, underscoring the urgency of addressing the challenges posed by natural disasters.

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