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Nigerian gov’t reveals position on fresh Iran /Israel conflict


Nigerian gov’t reveals position on fresh Iran /Israel conflict

The Federal Government of Nigeria has called for restraint from all sides involved in the fresh conflict in the Middle East.

In a statement on Sunday, spokesperson for Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Francisca Omayuli, said, “The Federal Government of Nigeria joins other members of the international community to call on Iran and Israel to exercise restraint, as diplomatic efforts are ongoing to ease tension and avoid a wider conflict in the Middle East.

“In this critical period, the two countries need to reflect on the universal commitment to peaceful resolution of conflicts, for the advancement of global peace and security.”

Meanwhile, world leaders have also urged restraint after Iran launched an unprecedented wave of missiles and attack drones against its arch foe Israel overnight, at a time the Gaza war has inflamed Middle East tensions.

Leaders of G7 nations on Sunday “unanimously condemned Iran’s unprecedented attack against Israel” and pledged to continue efforts to work towards de-escalation. “Ending the crisis in Gaza as soon as possible, notably through an immediate ceasefire, will make a difference.”

The leaders offered their full support for Israel, saying they were ready to “take further measures” in response to “further destabilising initiatives”.

Over the weekend, Iran launched an attack, its first ever to directly target Israeli territory, in retaliation for a deadly air strike widely blamed on Israel that destroyed its consular building in Syria’s capital early this month.

Israel and its allies intercepted the vast majority of the incoming projectiles, the Israeli army said, reporting 12 people injured and no deaths, but the attack sharply heightened fears of an Israeli counterstrike.
Israel’s top ally the United States also urged caution and calm.

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“We don’t want to see this escalate,” White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told NBC. “We’re not looking for a wider war with Iran.”

President Joe Biden reaffirmed “ironclad” US support for Israel, but also appeared to guide its ally away from a military response against their common adversary Iran.

News outlet Axios reported that Biden had told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he should “take the win” and that Washington would oppose an Israeli counterattack.

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