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How AttorneyF’s inspiring act Propels young Talent to NBA Academy


How AttorneyF’s inspiring act Propels young Talent to NBA Academy

Faithfulness Okom, a lawyer popularly known as AttorneyF took to his Facebook page and shared an interesting and inspiring story.

“In 2021 I was driving along Marian Road, Calabar, and saw a tall lanky kid and I parked the car and chased after him to talk to him. “Do you play Basketball?”… His response was he started playing a few weeks before but barely had time because his mom was absent and his dad was a bricklayer he had to assist him on his projects and also did personal laundry for 3 families on the side. He didn’t have a phone, I described where I live and said come on x day and knock on the gate and I’ll be there.

He came to my house, and I showed him old videos of @giannis_an34 😂 when he was a scruffy hustling kid, tried to motivate him, and gave him a suitcase of clothes (which his dad eventually burnt out of jealousy). Long story short, I went abroad but before leaving enrolled him in a very small Basketball Academy in Calabar run by an amazing guy John Okwuteh since his dad kept being a pain in the ass he eventually moved in with my family. (God bless my parents for how understanding and kind they are).

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He made a lot of progress over the months and his Basketball coach, and my dad always called to keep me in the loop. Recently he forwarded a PDF of an invite from the NBA Africa Academy in Senegal for tryouts, I thought it was fake 😂. Verified and it turned out to be real, he needed flight tickets to Senegal and my homeboy @kennedy.ekezie was generous enough to buy them without even being asked. Last night David sent me these photos from Senegal and told me because of his performances he’s gotten a scholarship to an American high school and we only need to figure out the visa. I am thoroughly excited for him and feel a deep sense of inner fulfillment. This is just the beginning. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾”

From this heartwarming story, we can see how a chance encounter and acts of kindness can transform someone’s life so drastically. It speaks volumes about the power of mentorship, support, and community. David’s story is truly inspiring, and it’s wonderful to see him flourishing in his passion for basketball.


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