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Police in Adamawa arrest TikToker for alleged misuse of social media


Police in Adamawa arrest TikToker for alleged misuse of social media

Authorities in Adamawa State have apprehended Aliyu Musa, a 33-year-old individual, for reportedly misusing social media platforms in the state.

Musa stands accused of sharing a troubling video on his TikTok account under the username @faty5076, where he made disparaging remarks about key figures in the state, alleging unjust behavior on their part.

Law enforcement officials have pointed out that Musa failed to provide any concrete evidence to support his assertions in the widely circulated video.

They emphasised that such content not only has the potential to damage the reputations of those targeted but could also contribute to unrest and disorder, given the sensitive roles of the individuals identified as public officeholders in Adamawa and across Nigeria.

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In a statement, SP Suleiman Yahaya, the spokesperson for the Command, strongly denounced Musa’s actions and underscored the resolve of the police to address violations of the law.

Preliminary findings indicate that the TikToker had reportedly aimed to undermine the standing of prominent figures and leaders within the community, raising concerns about the impact of such acts on societal harmony.

Yahaya stressed the importance of taking proactive steps to educate and guide social media users on responsible online behavior, urging caution in posting to prevent breaches of established laws and regulations governing social media platforms.

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