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Russia recruits Nigerian students, other Africans, to fight Ukraine for visa renewal


Russia recruits Nigerian students, other Africans, to fight Ukraine for visa renewal

Story from Usman UMAR

Russia is reportedly dispatching thousands of migrants and foreign students to participate in the ongoing war with Ukraine alongside its forces in order to renew their visas.

According to Bloomberg, a Business news platform, some European officials have claimed that the Kremlin is utilising this strategy to increase manpower, following the example set by the Wagner mercenary group.

These officials state that Russia has been using threats of visa non-renewal to coerce African students and young workers into military service.

Moreover, Russia is said to be utilising prisoners from its penitentiaries for military purposes and detaining African workers on visas, giving them the ultimatum of deportation or fighting.

There have been instances where individuals have bribed officials to avoid military service, according to sources who requested anonymity.

This practice of enlisting migrants and students unwillingly for combat dates back to earlier in the conflict, as stated by another European official.

These individuals are often involved in high-risk operations defending more experienced units, leading to increased casualty rates.

Although the exact figures are questionable, reports suggest that Russia has faced significant losses during the conflict in Ukraine.

The recruitment of soldiers from foreign countries, particularly from Africa, has been part of a global effort by Russia to bolster its military strength.

While Putin seeks to capitalize on any momentum in the conflict, his forces have made slow progress in Ukraine, facing significant setbacks and casualties.

This has led to increased recruitment efforts and an emphasis on inexperienced troops to make up for the losses suffered.

Despite the challenges faced by Russia, its military actions have intensified, targeting civilian areas in Ukraine.

Western officials have condemned these actions, highlighting the impact on civilians in conflict zones.

As Putin navigates the complexities of the conflict, the recruitment of foreign fighters and resources from various countries has become a contentious issue.

The involvement of individuals from Nepal, India, and other nations adds a layer of complexity to the conflict.

The international community, including the Group of Seven nations, is seeking to address the recruitment of foreign fighters in the conflict and engage countries to support Ukraine.

However, the neutrality of certain nations and the spread of disinformation complicate efforts to resolve the conflict peacefully.

In conclusion, the involvement of migrants and students in the conflict in Ukraine raises serious ethical and legal concerns.

The exploitation of vulnerable populations for military purposes undermines human rights and international norms, highlighting the need for a coordinated and decisive response from the global community.

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