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About Us

NEPTUNE is an acronym for News, Entertainment, People (and Politics), Tradition and Unity of the North East because it primarily focuses on the North East.
While the paper, being online, will have a global audience/reach and therefore global platform, we intend to give a lot of emphasis to the North East, being the backwaters of the country and number one in almost all indices of human development from the rear.
We shall highlight the problems bedeviling the zone and endeavour to attract development to it while focusing our stories on issues that unite Nigeria rather than those that will play on our fault lines.


For a safer world and greater Nigeria through developmental journalism.


Neptune Prime promises to be the most authoritative source of information about the North East; it’s people, politics, culture, challenges and potentials.


3rd Floor, Yobe Investment House,
823 Ralph Shodeinde Street,
Central Business District, Abuja.

Phone: +234 902 988 0064
Email: info@neptuneprime.com.ng
Web: neptuneprime.com.ng