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Qatar, Aljazeera and Conspiracy Theory I by Hassan Hassan


Qatar, Aljazeera and Conspiracy Theory I
The latest diplomacy in the engulfment of Qatar was the UK FM’s visit to Kuwait. It was a tour of the gulf, actually, in hope to solve the gulf crisis. I watched a flash of Mr Robinson with Kuwaiti officials and my conclusion was he was there to play errand for Trump’s new campaign of pitching Arab/Muslim countries against each other in order to shake for his fascism. But why did he start the tour in Kuwait?
Was it a coincidence, a convenience or just an unconscious schedule of the foreign office protocol? The questions are as important as every other issue we must take to understand why should sisters in a family live in peace or in forced silence for all their years and suddenly all burst with finger-point of a blame as critical as that of terrorism? There is much beyond what the eyes can see. In the hegemony of world control, and with Trump inducement, the system can only be more desperate. And all the years, the plot has been understood more with the latent intents and action than with the manifest.
Kuwait first because it was also Saudi Arabia first in US President Trump’s first foreign visit to the middle east and Europe to set the new world order. Saudi is the key ancient ally of the US and it has played the violin in the Arab world and its circumstances. And even though it is not among the quadruple gang against Qatar, Kuwait is Saudi’s sister and their fate ties them even stronger than US and UK’s fate binds. The gulf has always been the pinpoint of terrorism since end of the Cold War when Bush the father declared the new world order after the fall of the Berlin Wall. And the West thinks it can play some good or bad diplomacy. Sure. It can.
Land bordered Kuwait and Saudi have much in common in clan culture and in the Sunni ideology that has been struggling to define Islam for the world through the Wahhabi doctrine. And though not bordered by land, US and UK have remained consistent sisters in the pursuit and enforcement of their orders against the next enemy after the Cold War – ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’.
That phrase is the direct offshoot of the results of Wahhabism but that is not meant for public knowledge. But I want you to see that both camps of the opposite sisters have common interests in the world and some orders for it. And whatever suits one suits the others. The eastern camp creates terrorism and the western plays the messiah that fights it and helps affected states.
It is the only west east alliance that lasted this long in history. The result is the rendering of the gulf as a war field work where the growing number of Muslim growth and literacy are tamed to a size they can handle. Putin of Russia understands this more than any one,.
Now, this brings us to the point that the orders of the two camps are purposeful and tied on some agreement ab intio at the inception of the Saud clan’s hegemony over the Hijaz. Abdulazeez, his children and successive US and UK presidents and prime ministers have stuck to the points in the agreement and history shows the consistency by which their complementary orders have been worked for them. For same reason, Saudi enforced a minority Sunni regime against a majority Shiite Bahrain, which brings the Second ally in the new anti Qatar group into the discuss. Bahrain is not more than a mere puppet that Saudi can direct, not invite, to do anything.
The third partner, Egypt, has been a western strong partner on the Palestine case and has helped moderate the peace deals in history to look good even to Egyptians, but playing the Amero-Israeli interest and received huge dollars in return for loyalty. Its involvement in the fight against Qatar, is normal. But then there is also the Assisi factor. His clamp on the legitimacy of the brothers, deposition, imprisonment of Morsi (I am no fan to any small heart) and silencing the movement has earned him the American added trust and the Saudi’s respect as an ally to reckon with.
The fourth partner, the United Arab Emirates was the first gulf state that started the modern revolution and liberalisation of the economy making it open to non-oil markets. Dubai was an envy of the Gulf States which economy was bent on oil. But then, Qatar came faster in the sprint of modern development and surpassed the UAE/Dubai model and pace. The capital Doha which houses Aljazeera television is today a better host to the world.
Qatar’s one unique area that helped the acceleration was the unprecedented interest and investment in the development of sports. It hosts key events in all kinds of sports. It has the most popular football league which attracts foreign players. it has many other reasons in IT, businesses  which draws the world. These and many other reasons the State is billed to host the World Cup in 2022 – an enviable feat even among western countries because the economy would be stronger.
But in the fast growth and rising star of Qatar, the international oil market changed oil prices. That is not a problem for Qatar because its economy has outgrown oil dependency and is waxing stronger to aim at other plans. But the economies of the other Gulf States have been drastically affected by the fall of oil price. They went viral in devising many means to sustain the economic standards and woke the people to watch the governments, especially when terrorist attacks have since taken over and killed many in the region.
Saudi has been involved as the lead in the Yemen war, which is the first open ideological confrontation which brings Arabs against Arabs and killed everything in Yemen and that has implications for the neighbours who are already desperate. And this is a good development to the international system conspiracy and answers many questions about what makes the US come into a country from the back door to create crises and later come in from the front door to ask to help the befallen polities and economies.
Coupled with the oil price fall, the war in Yemen has devastated the Saudis both politically and economically and affects its sponsorship of its world ideological wars against Muslims. This is a potential risk which can reduce the self-acclaimed status of the Aaal Saud dynasty and may further expose its atrocities. Meanwhile, Aljazeera television channels in both Arabic and English, which came on the promise of reporting the ‘other’ view and conspiracies, have been accounting for the unfolding events, all along, to the glorious watch of the world.
Aljazeera’s news approach and perspective is the first eastern approach to the definition of news at such a huge world scale which is challenging the dominant western media. Already it has done much and Saudi, UAE and Egypt have suffered direct embarrassments in recent years as a result of the Aljazeera’s consistent reportage of the actual truth in the news about every minute issue that, ordinarily, is ignorable to the western media.
There is a long list of cases bring it in conflicts with the authorities of such States. And if this continuous, there is going to be more exposition of the eventual fall of the economies and the conspiracies of many links. This now the confluence of reasons and interests of the remote and immediate causes of the Gulf crisis. There is much more to discuss. Keep a date with The Sweep.
We shall discuss this more in continuation of this subject next week, if we happen to be among the breathers then.
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