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Why bill Nigerians to prove their love for Buhari?, by Khadija Abdullahi Jika


It isn’t news that the official Hausa praise singer for APC, Dauda Kahutu, popularly known as ‘Rarara’ has received the sum of N57 million as a result of his recent interview where he mentioned that he would not sing again for President Muhammadu Buhari until he receives the sum of N1000 each from the masses as a proof of their love for Buhari according to Sahara reporters.

In an interview posted on his social media account, he said “I believe it’s all propaganda that people do not like Buhari anymore. They said the love for Buhari has died if it is so we would not sing any song praising him until his loved ones pay us. We have already documented all that Buhari has done just this year excluding those of the previous years but under a condition that payment is made beforehand.”

He went ahead to read his account number for listeners to copy down where payments are to be made.

He claimed there was a minister that called him and said he would love to contribute, but he declined, telling him that this project concerns just the poor to prove their love for the President and that it isn’t propaganda.

Other singers like Adam A. Zango and Abubakar Sani also said they need to be paid by the masses before singing for Atiku Abubakar and Kwankwaso respectively.

My concern is why ask the less privileged to prove their love by billing them with the current economic hardship where people are trying to get something to sustain their families. Should it not be the responsibility of the political parties to finance any publicity for their representatives? And if I may ask, what exactly would be done with the money?

I believe during these trying times, far too many people suffer from hunger, fuel increase, rise in electricity tariffs, the price hike of goods and services affecting the cost of bread.

There are thousands seeking help to pay off their medical bills, start up a business for survival but no one is willing to assist.

Similarly, after the eviction of BBNaija housemate, Erica, a GoFundMe account was opened for her and Nigerian’s have raised over N6 million.

Sadly, we think these songs are determinants for a politician’s good work.

Well, If Nigerians are willing to contribute to support this project then they can as well go ahead and help develop their local area which is more important than this, or help a neighbour who is striving to make ends meet, or sponsor a child through their education; who has challenges obtaining it, or a borehole for their immediate environment.

A great number of less privileged Nigerians cannot afford their medical bills, some of these patients are either on admission or have been treated and discharged who often resort to selling their last belongings in order to pay their bills. Many a times patients belong to vulnerable groups like orphans, widows or even single mothers.

Dauda said, “The money I have gathered is far beyond my expectation and that shows that the poor still truly love Buhari.”

I want to believe it would have been more than that if other Buhari supporters are informed of this new project. That helps me wonder with the already raised money of not less than N57 million. Are Nigerians actually on one’s beams end or they do not know what they really want?

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  1. Sholeey says

    Nigerians are Nigeria’s problem. Always looking for a way to extort one another.

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