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Why Gov. Buni always succeed against all odds, by Mubarak Hussaini Tinja


Why Gov. Buni always succeed against all odds, by Mubarak Hussaini Tinja

After a deep analysis and observation of Governor Buni’s leadership styles both in the state and as the Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Caretaker Extra-ordinary Convention Planning Committee (CECPC), I get to understand that Governor Buni’s patience, hard work, determination, prayers and political strategies are the key things that make him successful in all tasks that were beheld on him.

The recent court case within the ruling party that some of its unpatriotic members were pushing for his removal as the interim, clearly manifest their ignorance and the quench for power will lead to the destruction of their political ambitions.

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There were tremendous successes recorded when Governor Buni assumed the office of the Chairman CECPC of the APC which I believe none of them will record that huge success within that short period of time. Governor Mai Mala Buni is the opposition’s worst nightmare.

In his position as the interim chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), he has, through deft management and excellent politicking, poured cold water on the fire raging in the party.

No longer are we treated to a succession of press conferences where leaders of different factions of the APC issue open threats of mutual destruction and inevitable exit, along with their base. In place of that, what is witnessed is a gale of defection to the party, notably from its closest rival, the Peoples Democratic Party. Governors, federal legislators and other influential political leaders are some of the fresh recruits.

From the brink of rancorous disintegration, Mai Mala Buni has steered the party into a safe pasture. The predictions of doom have once again fallen flat; the APC political machine, retooled and freshly oiled by the Yobe Governor, is alive and in motion across the country, successful in its drive to expand and reposition.

Sure there are grumblings over zoning and other internal matters relating to the fast-approaching 2023 election where President Buhari, after serving two terms, will pave way for a successor. But that is the way of political parties. It has never been a homogenous group of individuals who agree on every point; rather a diverse pool of persons and groups with competing interests dwelling for control under a clear rule of engagement that compels everyone, at the end of the day, to be ready and able to subject personal desires to the majority decision canvass, lobby, scheme – but when you lose, respect the choice of the majority. Governor Buni has restored this order, allowing the politicians to have a go, not meddling or pulling the weight on one side. This is why he is widely respected and effective.

The opposition has not enjoyed this. Previously poised to profit from what appeared to be an unavoidable collapse and splintering of the ruling party, it is them who are now imploding and bleeding members. The loss of high-profile members at such quick intervals has changed the dynamics leading to 2023.

It’s no longer about how the APC would maintain its victory, but whether at all the PDP can muster a serious contest. If its own high-ranking disciples baulked at the sight of its future, succumbing to the persuasion of Mai Mala Buni and the APC machinery, how will they persuade ordinary Nigerians?

Worse is the fact that the political reorganisation and strengthening set in motion by Mai Mala Buni has put the APC in a better position to consolidate on previous successes. A bolstered Progressives Governors Forum and healthier advantage in the National Assembly make easier the task of spreading the gospel of the APC progressive agenda. The party is gaining new ground; the PDP is losing where defeat was never believed possible. (Quoted from Mayaki).

And so an attempt to take down the man at the heart of it all has been ignited. For days now, at both the local and national levels, officials of the PDP have taken turns to take a cheap shot at Governor Buni. Unable to fault his management of the APC, considering the evidence of his success is undeniable (they only have to move around their empty secretariats), these embittered characters are asking questions on his stewardship in Yobe State.

Has Mai Mala Buni’s success as the interim APC Chairman come at the expense of governance in Yobe state? How much time does he spend in his state? Where are the records of performance? But even there, in the area of state governance, Governor Buni has excelled. The answers to the questions thrown up by the PDP include a modernized civil service, reshaped and reengineered to deliver badly needed public service to the people of Yobe State. And then there is the mass education drive, as the state moves to overcome the devastation wrought by the war against terror.

Governor Buni may not be one to talk up his success at the state level on national platforms. His appeals appear targeted at his primary constituents, the people of Yobe State. And they are proud of his achievements, particularly the concerted effort to reduce poverty, increase household income, promote literacy, and prevent a reversal of gains recorded in anti-terror. He has used his national political network to good use. And his recurring presence in Abuja, Nigeria’s seat of power, has largely yielded gains for Yobe. If anyone is in doubt, visit the state.

Governor Buni’s emergence as the interim leader of his party and Governor of his state delivered clear progress. The anger of the opposition, and their scorched earth campaign against him, is all the proof anyone needs.

Mubarak Hussaini Tinja writes from Kaduna State and can be reached via email: mubaraktinja96@gmail.com

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