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Anambra State bans public herbal medicine ads


Anambra State bans public herbal medicine ads

The Government of Anambra State has announced a ban on open advertisements promoting herbal medicines within the state.

This decision was conveyed through a statement issued by Sir Paul Nwosu, the state’s Commissioner for Information, on Saturday.

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Nwosu further stated that all advertisements for herbal drugs must now obtain approval from the office of the Special Adviser to the Governor on Herbal Medicine and Pharmaceuticals before being displayed in public spaces or media platforms.

The ban covers various categories of herbal medicines, including products derived from botanicals or plants used for disease treatment or health maintenance, as well as medicinal products and herbal supplements made from plants for curative or preventive purposes.

The primary goal of this measure is to regulate and control the usage of herbal substances, which has seen a significant increase among the state’s residents.

Prior to the ban, Anambra State had gained notoriety for the widespread presence of open advertisements for herbal medicine in motor parks and other strategic locations.

Many residents frequently relied on herbal medicine, commonly referred to as “Agbo,” as a remedy for various illnesses and diseases.

However, the indiscriminate use of herbal medicine (Agbo) in the state has been associated with a rise in cases of illnesses like kidney failure.

“The ban on open advertisements of all forms of herbal medicines in the state aims to address the excesses and indiscriminate use of herbal concoctions among the population,” the statement emphasized.

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