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Cameroon’s President Biya shuffles defense ministry amid regional tensions following Gabon coup


Cameroon’s President Biya shuffles defense ministry amid regional tensions following Gabon coup

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

In a response to rising tensions in West Africa and neighbouring countries, Cameroon’s longstanding President, Paul Biya, at the age of 90 and in power for over four decades, has taken a preemptive measure by announcing significant changes within the country’s Ministry of Defense.

This strategic move, confirmed in a recent newsletter, is seen as Biya’s effort to bolster his regime’s defenses and reassure the nation during these increasingly uncertain times.

These changes come in the wake of a successful coup in Gabon, a development that has added to the regional tension.

Gabon’s unexpected upheaval followed closely on the heels of a similar event in Burkina Faso.

The rapid succession of coups in the West African region has sent shockwaves across the continent, prompting leaders to reconsider their internal security strategies.

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Cameroon, under President Paul Biya’s leadership, has weathered numerous political challenges. Recent geopolitical shifts appear to have prompted the 89-year-old leader to take decisive action to safeguard his nation from potential threats.

While the details of the reshuffle within the Ministry of Defense have not been fully disclosed, political analysts believe the changes could be extensive, potentially affecting both senior and mid-level leadership roles.

These changes may also be accompanied by new policies aimed at strengthening Cameroon’s military capabilities and enhancing intelligence coordination.

Many observers see Biya’s swift response as a testament to his political acumen, a quality that has arguably enabled him to remain in power for so long. By proactively adapting to changing dynamics, Biya sends a clear message: Cameroon will not be caught off guard.

However, some critics argue that the real solutions to the country’s security challenges lie in addressing longstanding internal grievances, improving governance, and fostering genuine political inclusivity.

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