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Distance is a barrier, by Aisha M Auyo


Distance is a barrier, by Aisha M Auyo

For my friend abroad
That left me feeling alone
I can’t be there
You can’t be here
To share our pains
Our happiness and more

I want to be part of all the above
For it is what friendship is all about
I want to hug you when you’re down
When you’re pleased
When you are confused

I want to assure you all will be fine
Like sweet old days when we always hold hands
Read the same books
Eat the same food
Wear the same cloth
Visit the same places

I want to share with you my life
The dreams we had
The adulthood we all craved for

But our Creator has better plans
Our adulthood will be spent apart
Our calling is in different countries
And probably so are our graves

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Distance isn’t a barrier, they say
With Zoom, face time and WhatsApp
The gap between us will be bridged
But now and then
I feel the distance

Out of sight, they say
Is not out of mind
I wish I could just forget you all
Live life like you never existed
But you are part of me
That I can never let go
Even if I try

I used to imagine
If as a friend I feel this way
How then do our mothers feel
How then do our siblings feel
The pain is unimaginable

On a random day
A random act
A random thought
will trigger the pain
I think of you and shed a tear
A silent cry
A silent prayer
A powerful hope

That we meet again in this world
We spend time like the good old days
We Fight and argue like we used to

That we meet in Jannah
And spend time forever
For in there, it’s perfection,
Everlasting happiness and calmness
Where all weird dreams come true
Where pain and distance exist not

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