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Woman spends €10,000 to marry self after failing to find “Mr Right”


Woman spends €10,000 to marry self after failing to find “Mr Right”

Sarah Wilkinson, 42, fulfilled her dream of getting married by marrying herself after years of searching for the right partner proved unsuccessful. In an interview with BBC Radio Suffolk, she shared her experience of feeling like a princess for a day.

Surrounded by 40 family members and friends during the day ceremony, followed by an additional 40 guests in the evening, Sarah tied the knot with herself at Harvest House in Felixstowe. The occasion, which cost her £10,000, was made even more personal as she wrote 14 vows to honor herself.

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Sarah’s journey began when she turned 40 and felt the desire to wear an engagement ring. She decided to buy one for herself, kickstarting the idea of having her own wedding day. “I’ve always wanted to wear the rock on the finger, it’s always been a thing,” she explained.

What started as a simple dream turned into a full-fledged wedding as Sarah, a credit controller, purchased a wedding dress and went ahead with the event without a partner. “I hit 40 and was like, hmm, there’s not really any prospects about at the moment. We’ll give it a year and see what happens, and then I’m just going to buy my own engagement ring,” she said.

Having saved for years for her wedding day, Sarah didn’t want to miss out on the experience just because she didn’t have a partner by her side. Despite being slightly naive about the actual cost, she believed that the money she saved was meant for her wedding.

The day turned out to be a great success, with everyone enjoying themselves and complimenting Sarah on her unique choice. Almost all of her friends commented, “that is such a Sarah thing to do,” showing their support.

While there were a few concerns from some people initially, Sarah remains optimistic about finding the man of her dreams. She clarified that she never gave up on the idea, but rather stopped actively searching.

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