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5 things to expect after the Canadian Embassy suspends operations in Nigeria


5 things to expect after the Canadian Embassy suspends operations in Nigeria

The Canadian embassy in Nigeria has temporarily suspended its operations until further notice, following a fire incident that killed two people and injured two others on Monday, November 6, 2023.

Neptune Prime understands that the embassy also issued a travel advisory, warning its citizens to avoid non-essential travel to Nigeria due to the unpredictable security situation and the significant risk of terrorism, crime, inter-communal clashes, armed attacks and kidnappings.

This development has raised many questions and concerns about the implications for the bilateral relations between Nigeria and Canada, as well as the welfare of Canadians in Nigeria.

Neptune Prime compiles 5 things to expect after the Canadian embassy suspends operations in Nigeria:

1 . Diplomatic Tensions

The suspension of the Canadian embassy’s operations in Nigeria could lead to an escalation of diplomatic tensions between the two countries. The reasons behind the embassy’s closure and any further responses from the Nigerian government could strain the relations that have been established. The extent of this tension will depend on how the situation is handled by both parties and how long the suspension lasts.

2. Impact on Nigerian-Canadian Relations

The suspension of the embassy’s operations is likely to affect the various aspects of the relations between Nigeria and Canada, especially in the areas of trade, immigration, and cooperation on various international issues.

Nigeria is Canada’s largest bilateral merchandise trading partner in Africa, with bilateral merchandise trade totalling $2.2 billion in 2022. Nigeria is also Canada’s most important source of international students from Africa, welcoming 13,745 Nigerian students in 2021.

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The suspension of the embassy’s operations could disrupt these exchanges and create challenges for Nigerians and Canadians who want to travel, study, work, or do business in each other’s countries.

3. Alternative Canadian Services

Canadians residing in or travelling to Nigeria may need to rely on alternative sources for consular services, such as passport, visa, and emergency assistance.

The Canadian government may also set up temporary arrangements to support its citizens in the absence of the embassy, such as providing online or phone services, or working with other diplomatic missions in Nigeria.

4. Security Concerns for Canadians

The travel advisory issued by the Canadian embassy highlights the security risks in Nigeria, which include terrorism, crime, inter-communal and sectarian violence, armed attacks, and kidnappings.

Canadian citizens in Nigeria, as well as those planning to visit, may now be cautious and consider these warnings seriously.

5. Potential Reopening of the Embassy

While the embassy’s operations are currently suspended, there is the possibility that it may reopen in the future, depending on the resolution of the issues that led to its closure.

This will be an important development to watch for, as it will signal the restoration of normal diplomatic relations and services between Nigeria and Canada.

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