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Germany seeks foreign talent with 20 in-demand jobs, easy work visas


Germany seeks foreign talent with 20 in-demand jobs, easy work visas

Germany has specified 20 jobs in demand that can provide work visas for foreign talent.

Germany, a prominent economic force in Europe, is grappling with a substantial labour deficit across diverse sectors. This deficit is attributed to factors such as an ageing population, a low birth rate, and an escalating demand for skilled professionals.

To address this, Germany actively seeks foreign talent to fill these key roles and sustain its economic competitiveness.

The labour shortages are particularly pronounced in vital fields like farming, construction, and transportation.

The shortages in the job market are especially pronounced in these specific sectors:

Agriculture: Livestock production, forestry, and horticulture are witnessing a lack of skilled workers, particularly in roles such as livestock production, forestry technicians, and specialized horticulturists.

Construction: Various trades within the construction industry, including metalworking, automation, surveying, scaffolding, interior construction, glazing, pipeline construction, and plant, container, and apparatus construction, are facing a deficit of workers.

Transportation: The transportation sector is also grappling with a shortage of labour, particularly in roles related to freight forwarding, logistics, and drivers for earthmoving machinery.

Here are the 20 specific jobs in demand:

Livestock farming
Tyre and vulcanization technology
Wood, furnishing, interior fitting
Surveying, scaffolding
Interior construction and drywalling
Pipeline construction
Plant, container, and apparatus construction
Monitoring and maintenance of railway infrastructure
Freight forwarding and logistics
Drivers for earthmoving and related machinery
Sales (furniture, fittings)
System catering
Pharmaceutical technical assistants
Bus and tram drivers

These occupations offer competitive compensation, with average salaries varying.

Regardless of the jobs in this list, the highest-paying jobs in Germany include positions such as Doctor, Pilot, Sales Manager, Lawyer, Portfolio Manager, College Professor, Engineer, Software Developer, Project Manager, Risk Manager, Judge, and Tax Advisor.

For those considering working in Germany, the cost of living varies based on factors like city and family size, but Germany remains an attractive destination for skilled foreign workers due to competitive salaries, appealing job prospects, and a relatively moderate cost of living.

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