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Guinea junta removes soldiers, officers following jailbreak of ex-dictator


Guinea junta removes soldiers, officers following jailbreak of ex-dictator

Guinea’s ruling junta has removed 60 soldiers and prison officers from the security services following a jailbreak that led to the escape of former dictator Moussa Dadis Camara and the deaths of nine individuals.

Armed commandos broke into the prison in the capital, Conakry, on Saturday, taking Camara and three other former officials on trial with him over a 2009 massacre during his presidency.

It remains unclear if the group escaped or was kidnapped against their will.

The army described the operation as an attempt to “sabotage” government reforms and pledged its commitment to the current military-led regime.

Although authorities have urged calm and declared that the situation is under control, security forces are continuing to check vehicles entering the district in Conakry where the prison is located.

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On Sunday, Prime Minister Bernard Goumou urged people to “remain calm, stay peaceful and carry on quietly about their business.”

Prosecutor General Yamoussa Conte said in a statement on Monday that nine people had died in the jailbreak operation.

Three were suspected attackers, while the others included four members of the security forces and two people, presumed to be civilians, who had been in an ambulance and were reportedly caught in the crossfire.

The prosecutor general also said he was ordering an investigation against Camara and the other three men over the alleged killing of security force members and for alleged manslaughter.

The junta in the West African country, which seized power in September 2021, late on Sunday published a series of decrees pronouncing the removal from jobs of dozens of members of the military and prison administrative staff.

Pivi, a leading figure during Camara’s rule, and two other colonels who also escaped from jail on Saturday were among those removed.


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