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Russian influencer dumps husband, marries stepson she raised


Russian influencer dumps husband, marries stepson she raised

In an unexpected turn of events, Russian weight loss influencer Marina Balmasheva has made headlines by marrying her stepson, Vladimir Shavyrin.

Marina, who had raised Vladimir from the age of seven while she was married to his father, Alexey Shavyrin, began a romantic relationship with him while still living under the same roof.

According to Mirror, Alexey, who was left to care for their five adopted children, has accused Marina of seducing his son, revealing that they were “not shy to have sex” while he was at home.

He expressed his disbelief and heartbreak, stating, “I would have forgiven her cheating if it wasn’t with my son… She would run to my son’s bed from our bedroom when I was sleeping. Afterward, she would come back and lie in bed with me as if nothing had happened.”

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Marina, who financially supports the family through her social media earnings, has insisted on a prenuptial agreement to safeguard her assets in the event of a divorce from Vladimir.

The couple married in 2020 and currently have two children together. The controversial union has sparked widespread attention and discussion, leaving many shocked and curious about their unconventional relationship.

Despite the controversy surrounding their marriage, Marina continues to share updates and content on her social media platforms, where she has gained a significant following as a weight loss influencer.

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