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Woman allegedly enlists thugs to kill son over noodle theft


Woman allegedly enlists thugs to kill son over noodle theft

The Ejigbo Division of the Lagos State Command has initiated a manhunt for a woman identified as Iya Ahmed.

She allegedly enlisted the help of local thugs to assault her 19-year-old son, Quadri, accusing him of stealing packs of noodles, which ultimately led to his death through torture.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the incident happened at Erin Folami Street, off Ogunde Road, Ejigbo, Lagos, where they reside.

Upon discovering the noodles missing, the mother confronted Quadri, who admitted taking them due to hunger. Outraged, she summoned neighbourhood thugs to punish him for theft, also accusing him of stealing aluminum sheets from her home.

The local thugs subjected the young man to brutal beatings, stripping him naked, dousing his body with water, and applying live electrical cables, resulting in his electrocution and death during the torturous ordeal.

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Realizing Quadri had died, the assailants fled, and the mother, alerted at her nearby shop, returned to find her son lifeless on the ground.

Overwhelmed, she fainted and was rushed to WestCare Hospital, where she was revived. However, she fled the hospital, going into hiding after learning the police were informed of the incident.

When P.M.EXPRESS correspondent visited the street where the incident happened, the residents were still in shock and narrated what happened and how the victim was maltreated before he eventually died.

The woman was said to have got married to her husband and had seven children before they separated and she started living on her own. The children were divided on who to follow. Some followed their father including the deceased while others lived with their mother. The deceased later came back to the mother before the incident happened.

According to their neighbours, since the deceased returned and started living with her, she kept maltreating him until the latest incident that eventually claimed his life.

Ejigbo Police Division was approached for a statement, but the DPO was reportedly unavailable due to routine area monitoring.

However, station sources confirmed the police’s awareness of the matter and their search for Quadri’s mother and her accomplices, who are currently on the run.

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