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Husband beheads wife in fit of anger over delayed tea

Reports suggest that the violent episode unfolded as Dharamveer, angered by the perceived delay in receiving his morning tea, stabbed his wife 15 times before beheading her.


Husband beheads wife in fit of anger over delayed tea

Story from Fatima Adamu, Abuja.

In a shocking incident in the village of Faljagadh, located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a man identified as Dharamveer has been accused of beheading his wife, Sundari, in a fit of rage over a delayed cup of tea.

The 52-year-old daily wage worker allegedly carried out the gruesome act with a sword in their home near the capital Delhi.

Sundari had begun preparing tea as part of her routine at 6 am when Dharamveer woke up a few minutes later and demanded tea immediately. Upon learning it would take an additional 10 minutes, he flew into a rage. The husband allegedly kicked utensils in frustration before retrieving a sword and brutally attacking Sundari as she sat over the stove.

The couple’s four children were reportedly asleep in another room during the harrowing incident. When their son, known as Soldier, heard his mother’s screams, he rushed to the scene to witness her bleeding out.

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Dharamveer purportedly attacked the children as they tried to help, forcing them to flee to their room. Villagers responding to the cries discovered Sundari lifeless in a pool of blood.

Husband beheads wife in fit of anger over delayed tea

The police were alerted, and Sundari’s body was taken for autopsy. Dharamveer was subsequently arrested. Soldier revealed that his father had previously expressed anger over tea but had never resorted to physical violence against his mother.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Gyan Prakash Rai stated, “Dharamveer and Sundari had a fight over making tea. He then took out a sharp weapon and attacked her on the neck from behind, which led to her immediate death.”

The investigation into this tragic incident is ongoing.

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