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Iran reveals advanced T-72F tank with enhanced protection, fire control system


Iran reveals advanced T-72F tank with enhanced protection, fire control system

After a decade-long development phase, the Iranian Army Ground Forces have successfully integrated their newest main battle tank, the T-72F, into their ground vehicle fleet.

This latest addition showcases Iran’s indigenous defense capabilities, presenting an enhanced version of the Soviet-era T-72 tanks with a newly crafted welded turret equipped with blowout panels.

While visually resembling the Russian T-90M, these tanks result from independent Iranian engineering under the Karrar program.

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The Regular Army (NEZAJA) received a more cost-effective variant of the T-72F, lacking certain features present in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps variant, such as the remote weapon system.

The improvements in protection are substantial, with welded turrets fortified by enhanced multi-layer barriers and upgraded reactive armor, amplifying the tank’s defensive capabilities.

The upgrade goes beyond defensive measures, including a significant overhaul of the fire control system.

The introduction of thermal imaging sights and mandatory fire control capability marks a notable technological leap. Modern equipment, including sensors designed to detect laser irradiation, has also been integrated.

While the Karrar program initially showcased engines capable of 1000 horsepower, it remains undisclosed whether these engines are currently equipped in the T-72F or are slated for future installations.

The ambitious plan involves modernizing all available T-72M1 and T-72C tanks within Iran.

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