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National Disability Commission calls for inclusive language in addressing Persons with Disabilities

This call for inclusive language aligns with a broader commitment to promote dignity, respect, and understanding for people of all abilities.


National Disability Commission calls for inclusive language in addressing Persons with Disabilities

During  a  recent  interactive  session with  Neptune Prime’s  team  in  Abuja, Mr. Femi  Alegbeleye  from  the  Press & Public  Relations  Unit  of  the  National Commission  for  Persons  With Disabilities  emphasized  the  importance of  using  inclusive  language  when addressing  individuals  with  disabilities.

He  argued  that  it  should  be  “Persons with  Disabilities” (PWD)  instead  of “People  Living  with  Disabilities” (PLWD),  and  encouraged  the  use  of phrases like  “Person  with  Visual Impairment”  instead  of  “Blind Persons”,  and  “Hearing  Impairment” instead  of  “Deaf  Persons”.

This  call  for  inclusive  language  aligns with  a  broader  commitment  to promote  dignity,  respect,  and understanding  for  people  of  all abilities.

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Mr. Femi’s  advocacy  is  groundbreaking as  it  challenges  the  common misconception  that  individuals  with disabilities  are  “living with” or “suffering  from”  their  disabilities. Instead,  he  emphasizes  that  they  are simply  “people”  who  happen  to  have disabilities.

Malam Hamza, giving tips on “How to approach individuals, especially People with Disabilities for interviews.”


However, Mr. Femi  also  expressed concerns  over  the  budget  allocated to the National Disability Commission.

He highlighted that the current funding falls short of adequately supporting the needs of the estimated 30 million individuals with disabilities in Nigeria.

This call for increased funding underscores the urgent need for greater resources and support for individuals with disabilities in Nigeria.

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