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Houthis launch missiles at 2 commercial ships, American warship in Red Sea


Houthis launch missiles at 2 commercial ships, American warship in Red Sea

The Yemen-based Houthi rebels stated on Sunday that they had targeted two commercial vessels along with an American warship in the Red Sea and Arabian Sea, their most recent attempt to disrupt maritime transport in what they claim to be a show of support for Palestinians in Gaza.

According to a spokesperson for the Houthi military named Yahya Saree, the insurgent group launched ballistic missiles at the American warship, naval missiles at a vessel known as the Captain Paris, and utilized drones to attack a ship named the Happy Condor.

Whether any of the intended targets were struck remained uncertain. Early on Sunday, the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) reported that a ship, located 40 nautical miles south of Yemen’s al Mukha, had experienced two nearby explosions.

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Fortunately, the vessel and its crew were unharmed and able to continue their voyage, although the ship was not specifically identified.

The Houthis, who are aligned with Iran and hold control over Yemen’s capital and many of its populated regions, have carried out numerous assaults on international shipping within the Red Sea area since November as a gesture of solidarity with Palestinians.

These attacks have disrupted global commerce, compelling ship owners to redirect their vessels away from the Suez Canal, and prompting retaliatory military actions by the United States and the United Kingdom since February.

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