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Army officer in Taraba allegedly stabs teacher for punishing student


Army officer in Taraba allegedly stabs teacher for punishing student

In an alarming incident at Government Science Secondary School in Donga, Taraba State, a newly recruited military personnel is accused of stabbing a teacher following a disciplinary action against a student.

Pavalis Yebduya Joshua, the victim and also the school’s examination officer, was reportedly attacked for disciplining the soldier’s brother, who arrived late to school.

The confrontation unfolded during morning hours when senior students were enforcing punctuality among their peers.

Soldier Barau Ishaq arrived with his brother on a motorcycle and objected to the senior students’ attempt to discipline him, arguing that he alone had the authority to do so.

Joshua intervened, asserting the school’s rules, which led to a confrontation. “I asked the young soldier if he would be happy if I refused to stop at his checkpoint. He said this is different, but I insisted on punishing the student and flogged him four times. The soldier then accused me of disrespecting him,” Joshua recalled.

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The situation escalated when Joshua commented on the soldier’s potential in the Army had he pursued a career through Direct Short Service (DSS) after university.

Enraged, the soldier left but returned shortly with two companions, one in military attire, who proceeded to intimidate students and attack Joshua with a jack-knife, causing injuries to his palm and fingers.

“My principal promptly reported the incident to the police. They arrived, took statements, and I was escorted to the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, the soldier fled to a Special Forces camp in Akate, Donga,” Joshua explained.

Later, the soldier returned with a team of Special Forces, causing panic among students, some of whom fled into nearby bushes, resulting in injuries and missing students.

Despite being in police custody, the soldier allegedly threatened Joshua again in the presence of officers, “He said he would stab me again and nothing would happen, even with the DCO present. One of the Special Forces recruits even threatened me personally,” Joshua added.

Joshua is now appealing to the state government, police, DSS, Nigerian Army, and all relevant authorities to ensure justice is served in this distressing incident.

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