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Belarus unveils Iranian-designed drones in military parade


Belarus unveils Iranian-designed drones in military parade

The Iranian-designed Shahed-136 drones, known as Geran-2 in Russia, were showcased in Belarusian service for the first time during s military parade in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

The drones, which appear to have been designated as Kochevnik (Nomad) by Belarus, were prominently displayed on Chinese GWM King Kong Cannon pickup trucks serving as launch platforms.

During the parade, a commentator described the drone as a “new domestic development,” despite clear indicators of its Iranian origins.

Observers noted that the serial number visible on the drone corresponded to a Russian series, indicating that the drones were assembled from Iranian components. Additionally, the standard Iranian CRPA (Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna) for jamming resistance was visible on the right wing console.

Shahed-136 drones, which are loitering munitions produced in Iran, have been actively used by Russian forces to strike targets in Ukraine. Russia has even initiated assembly lines for these drones domestically.

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The introduction of Shahed-136 drones in Belarus raises concerns about the proliferation of such advanced unmanned aerial systems in Eastern Europe.

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