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MURIC Warns: LGBT Samoa Agreement will not fly in Nigeria


MURIC Warns: LGBT Samoa Agreement will not fly in Nigeria

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has issued a stern warning against the Samoa Agreement signed by the Federal Government, asserting that it will not be accepted if it involves the legalisation of homosexual and lesbian practices.

MURIC made its stance clear through the chairman of its Gombe State branch, Dr. Garba Abubakar Bajoga. In a statement released in Gombe, Dr. Bajoga emphasized that MURIC’s opposition to any deal promoting LGBT rights is rooted in religious beliefs and cultural values.

“We of the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), wish to unequivocally state that we do not support any deal that promotes LGBT rights in Nigeria. Our stance is firmly rooted in our religious beliefs and cultural values which do not align with the principles and practices associated with LGBT rights. We urge the Nigerian government to respect and uphold the moral and religious values of its citizens.”

Dr. Bajoga recalled that MURIC had previously rejected the idea of Nigeria accepting LGBT practices in December 2023. The organisation described the LGBT concept as “evil, immoral, luciferous and abominable” and reaffirmed this rejection in the recent statement.

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However, Dr. Bajoga acknowledged the clarification made by Nigerian Minister of Information, Muhammed Idris, who explained that the Samoa Agreement has no connection with the LGBT issue. According to the minister, the agreement is merely a legal framework for cooperation between countries, and it does not invalidate Nigeria’s existing legislation against same-sex relationships.

“According to the Honourable Minister, the agreement recently signed is just a legal framework for cooperation between countries,” he said. “Nigeria already has ‘an existing legislation against same-sex relationships’ and that contrary to reports, ‘the Samoa Agreement does not invalidate any of Nigeria’s laws’.”

MURIC’s statement underscores the organisation’s commitment to opposing any form of LGBT rights in Nigeria, maintaining that such practices are incompatible with the country’s religious and cultural values.

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